Get To Know Us: Why BUPRSSA?

buprssaWhether you’re looking for a way to dive into the PR world or just a way to get involved at BU, becoming a member of our PRSSA chapter is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of. Why should you join BUPRSSA? Keep reading and find out everything we have to offer!

What is BUPRSSA?

We are very lucky at Boston University to have a great chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America. Every week at our chapter meeting, we meet a professional from the area, listen to their experiences with the PR industry, and get the opportunity to ask them any questions we might have. This is a great opportunity to make connections and learn more about different career options that are out there after graduation. These professionals come from every area, from agencies to smaller non-profits to companies that do their PR in-house. From time to time there are also special member benefits such as opportunities to meet chapters from other schools, attend networking events, and apply for scholarships. Once you become a member, you’ll also gain access to the national PRSSA Job Center and Internship Center where more job and internship opportunities are available.

How can I get more involved?

If you want to do more than just attend these weekly meetings, we have a few committees that you can join! If you’re interested in digital content creation, you can join the digital media team. Team members write and edit blog posts, learn how to look at analytics, keep our Pinterest up and running, and work together to come up with interesting and engaging content ideas! Another great group to join is Unleashed PR, our chapter’s PR Agency. Joining Unleashed is a great opportunity to learn first hand what it’s like to work for an agency. You’ll be placed into a group and assigned a client, then groups will work together to create and execute a PR plan for their client. Our third big committee is the planning committee for our conference. For several years, BU had hosted a regional PRSSA Conference, and we need help making sure it all runs smoothly! In this committee you’ll get great experience planning a large conference and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Wait, what is this conference all about?

For the past few years, BU has been lucky to be chosen to host a regional PRSSA conference. The conference takes place at a site on campus and anyone can register for it! It’s a great opportunity to hear great speakers from different companies and connect with professionals and students from all over the country. More information about the event will be available as the year progresses!

That’s a lot. Is all of this mandatory?

Nothing about BUPRSSA is mandatory! Once you become a member, these opportunities are open to you, but you can pick what you want to participate in. While we encourage our members to attend all the weekly meetings and get involved, it’s no problem if you can’t attend every week. Everyone has different schedules and we understand that sometimes it’s hard to make it to every event. Our goal is to provide as many opportunities as we can and hope that our members take advantage of as many as they can.

Great! How do I sign up?

Come to our first chapter meeting! We’ll be meeting in SAR 101 on September 11 at 5pm. This first meeting is simply informational. You’ll hear about membership fees and about everything PRSSA has to offer, as well as meet the executive board and many current members. It’s a great time to ask us any questions you have! If you’re not sure that PRSSA is right for you, this is a great chance to get a better feel for what the club is all about.

Please feel free to reach out to any of our Executive Board members if you have any immediate questions! All of our contact information can be found under the “About” page of the website.

Hope to see you all at the first meeting!

PR Advanced #FuelTheFuture Video Recap

On February 15th, Boston University PRSSA hosted its eighth annual Regional Conference, PR Advanced #FuelTheFuture. The day was filled with keynote speakers, breakout sessions, a competition workshop and lots of networking. Though the day cannot be done enough justice, Boston University film student, Emily Sheehan, captured and complied the events throughout the day into one short, recap video.

For those of you who couldn’t make it and wish you did, or for those of you want to reminisce on what a great time you had, you can check out how it went by watching below or clicking here

PRSSA VIDEO from Emily Sheehan on Vimeo.

How To Make A Difference in the World Through PR


As we are getting closer and closer to graduation, people are talking about their plans and dreams for the future. Some people say they just want to make a positive change in the world. I am one of those people. It surprises some people when I tell them I’m majoring in public relations. PR people are still battling the negative stereotypes of “Flacks” and “Spin Doctors” created by corrupt businessmen long ago. What people don’t know, is that you can still work for a large corporation and do good in the world. One of the coolest ways to do this is through working in corporate social responsibility.

PRNews just released their 2014 CSR Awards and some really cool campaigns are featured. The winner was AT&T and FleishmanHillard’s campaign “It Can Wait: The Power of a Movement.” The team created a video about texting and driving through the eyes of a smart phone. Not only was the video a new concept and provocative, it was released at maximal times for exposure to target bloggers who would be likely to embed the video on their sites.

The Mary Kay “Don’t Look Away” campaign received an honorable mention which promotes a Love Is Respect texting service to provide advice to girls and women in abusive relationships.

Jet Blue is recognized for partnering with Random House for their “Soar with Reading” campaign to encourage kids’ imaginations and donate books to kids in need.

Public relations people work to plan and promote these campaigns, spreading a positive image of their client while making a positive impact on the world at the same time.

But working in CSR or for a nonprofit are not the only ways to help the world through public relations.  Helping a business relate to its consumers and provide them service and care in a transparent way is still helpful. But if you are looking for a grander, more direct way to help, know that there are ways you can do that within the communication field.