Unleashed Public Relations: Positions and Applications

There are NO leadership positions currently available for Spring 2019

Unleashed Public Relations provides clients with a team of enthusiastic BU PRSSA members to service their PR needs.  Interested in being a part of one of those teams? There are three major positions: a Social Media Coordinator, as well as Account Directors and Account Executives for each account.  Below are the descriptions and corresponding applications.  Information on this semester’s clients can be found here.

Social Media Coordinator
The Social Media Coordinator is a part of the executive board of Unleashed PR.  The Social Media Coordinator works closely with and reports to the Agency Director.   The main responsibility of the Social Media Coordinator is to create and manage the content calendar for the agency’s online platforms, which include all social media as well as the website.  Creativity and strong writing skills are crucial.


  • Create and manage the Facebook page and Twitter handle
  • Organize weekly blog posts
  • Request at least one Tweet and Facebook post from each agency team

Account Directors
Account Directors act as the liaisons between clients and account executives.  This person is responsible for managing the account and communicating updates to the Agency Director, as well as the client.  Account Directors are responsible for maintaining the highest quality of client work, while providing direction and coaching to Account Executives.  Individuals must be driven, organized and have excellent leadership skills; advanced interpersonal and written communication skills are also a must.  Previous PR experience is preferred.


  • Send weekly updates to Agency Director, including accomplished tasks, upcoming plans, team concerns, etc.
  • Send weekly updates to client
  • Work with Agency Director to draft goals at the beginning of each month
  • Participate and manage the strategic vision and long-term account planning process, ensuring the account team achieves the goals of the client
  • Edit and proofread team PR materials, including, but not limited to, news releases, pitches, and blog posts, before sending to client
  • Lead and coach Account Executives, keeping track of hours and goals
  • Execute weekly meetings with Account Executives and client
  • Work with team to draft at least one case study by the end of the semester

Account Executives
Account Executives work under the Account Director to create compelling and engaging material for the targeted audience. They are responsible for executing PR tasks and contributing ideas with their assigned team, which vary depending on the client. Past account executives have planned and executed events, planned social media posts, pitched to journalists, and built media lists. The work of the Account Executives is imperative to the success of the team and the client’s PR goals. Individuals must be creative, able to work with a team, and have good communication skills. No previous PR experience is required – all Account Executives will be trained and coached by Agency Director and Account Directors.


  • Drafting PR materials, including news releases, media pitches, social media posts, and press kits
  • Planning and executing client events
  • Contributing ideas during weekly team meetings
  • Working closely with the Account Director to receive tasks and/or express client concerns
  • Send hours to Account Directors each week

Interested in the previous positions? Complete this application, and email it, along with a copy of your resumé to unleashedpr@buprssa.com.  


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