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Why Psychology Goes Well With PR

Just about any Communications major will tell you that they feel disdain for the analytical and a love for the arts.  Many take part in art clubs to further their artistic abilities.

However, PR students have a responsibility to develop both hemispheres of the brain: the right side (creative) and the left side (analytical). What better way to compliment the PR side of your brain than with a liberal arts concentration in Psychology?

The job of any public relations major is to relay information to an audience in such a way that is convincing and persuasive, effective and motivating. Studies have already been conducted by psychologists to determine the most effective way to deliver a certain message to a certain audience: how would you break the news of Steve Jobs’ death to Apple? How would you tell the world? The method you choose is a reflection of your ability to choose an appropriate medium of expression and communication. Read the rest of this entry