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Jobs vs. Gates: Geniuses with a Different Outlook on How to Achieve Success

Jobs vs. Gates: two men with completely different work ethics who completely revolutionized the 21st century.

Jobs – a practical man who dropped out after one semester at Reed College, believed firmly in the power of a liberal arts degrees, and being a well round educated individual.

Gates -a man who firmly believed in the power of learning real world experience outside of the academic setting. Gates empathized the power of the life lessons you learn outside of the classroom. He felt they are some of the most important lessons you learn throughout your life. While both of these approaches worked for these men, in retrospect- what work ethic is better? Jobs or Gates.

While having been enrolled in a university setting for 3 semesters, it has quickly come to my attention, that the Steve Jobs way is no longer practical for many career paths. As a student studying Public Relations, I cannot simply attend classes, gain a degree in PR and get a job. Earning a job is all about real world experience and showing employers that you are able to take initiative and go above and beyond just going to classes everyday. Getting a job is no longer about earning a diploma, it’s all about presenting the accomplishments that you have achieved outside of the classroom and showing you have the drive to want to succeed.

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Employer of the Week: Alison Brod PR

This post is part of our Employer of the Week series, where we will be highlighting a different company in PR/Communications every Monday.


As the world of Public Relations continues to flourish between startups and social media based PR, the glamour of traditional PR firms have begun to fade. However, Alison Brod, of Alison Brod PR, has created a brand based PR empire that has received a great deal of hype in the past few years.

Alison Brod began Alison Brod Public Relations in 1995 as a small boutique Firm. Over the years, Brod PR has gone beyond the confines of a simple boutique PR firm, and has turned into a mega empire. Brod specializes in brand placement product campaigns, celebrity placement media and trade outreach. Some of her clientele range from Gap, Godiva Chocolate, and the Bravo TV network, to high profile celebrities such as Michelle Trachtenberg, Michael Phelps and Kristen Chenoweth. Read the rest of this entry