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Opportunities for Students at FutureM

FutureM, hosted by Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange (MITX), is a series of events from October 23-26, 2012 about the future of marketing and technology.  With over 100 speakers and 75 sessions, participating in FutureM is a great way to network with marketing professionals and to expose yourself to the marketing/tech community. FutureM is also a great resource for broadening your contacts in the professional realm.

FutureM’s very own student group has created and planned three FutureM events which call for student participants and are designed to be a ton of fun! (More details at

1. Find Your Future is a networking party for the most promising students in Creative, Interactive (PR, social, branding), and Technical to mingle with recruiters from companies and firms, including PayPal, looking for potential hires/interns. The first hour of this party (at Lir on Boylston St.) is for VIP students who prove that they are superstars in these categories to network more exclusively.

To apply to network exclusively with our recruiters visit

2. The College Faceoff: Social Media for Social Good is a live competition where teams from different universities are given a marketing goal from a specific non-profit organization. Teams create on-the-spot social media campaigns and the winning team is chosen by three marketing professional judges. The winners receive a cash prize for their non-profit. This event will be MC’ed by Twitter guru Joselin Mane. (Students from last year’s competition got internships as a result of this event!)

To receive more information and/or sign-up visit


3. FutureM Feud is a live game show styled after Family Feud. One team of 4 students will go head-to-head with one team of 4 marketing professionals to reveal where they see the future of marketing going and how the two mindsets differ.

To sign up or for more information, email


Plus, the entire conference is free for students who are currently enrolled in a full-time college or university! Just click here and be sure to register with your .edu email address.

Three Reasons Why PRSSA is Helpful to Students in Any Major

One might think that the Public Relations Student Society of America is only for those pursuing a career in public relations. However, this is incorrect – PRSSA can be a valuable resource to any student for any field. Much of our efforts as undergraduates is focused on creating an awesome resume that makes you stand out from your peers.  Stepping outside of one’s intended major and familiarizing oneself with another field, can only aid you in getting that one step ahead of the curve.  If meeting driven students and adding PRSSA to your résumé doesn’t assuage your apprehension, here are three other reasons why joining Boston University’s Chapter of PRSSA is helpful to students in any major:

1. Professional networking
Are all of your friends in the same major as you? No, and neither are top executives and CEOs. Networking with any professional is valuable. Just because the person you meet does not hold the job you are interested in doesn’t mean they don’t have resources to connect you with your dream opportunities. Beyond that, speaking with those ahead of you on any career path can lead you to discover new interests.

2. Social media
Employers are beginning to expect applicants be well-versed in social media platforms. While we’re sure you already have the know-how to check in on FourSquare, hashtag on Twitter, and upload quality iPhone pictures to Facebook, there’s a lot more to social media than socializing. PRSSA gives students a hands-on opportunity to understand social media platforms in a business setting; members are given the opportunity to learn how to post professional tweets and statuses, analyze data, and write weekly blog posts for our website.

3. Learn tips and tricks from the industry’s top professionals
Whether you have chosen a major or not, and whether it is Public Relations or not, listening to and learning from those who have blazed the career trail before you is one of the most valuable learning experiences you will have.  By attending our weekly panels and asking our speakers what they like and/or dislike, and how they got to where they are in their careers, you can help shape your own professional path.

The connections and valuable skills you will learn from young professionals in Boston University’s Chapter of PRSSA offer a great opportunity for you to stand out on a résumé, and give you valuable hands-on experience. As a pre-professional organization, PRSSA offers many valuable opportunities worth taking advantage of by any student in any major. The tech world is continuing to evolve, and PRSSA will teach you the skills needed to keep up with the latest technological trends. It doesn’t hurt to learn about something that isn’t your focus.  In fact, it will put you ahead of the curve.