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Fitness Tips during #PRSSANC

Written by: Michael Schiavone


One of the many reasons I love living in Boston is because it is such an active city. As an avid fitness enthusiast, there are options for all different fitness levels and interests. For those of you like myself that want to continue your exercise routine throughout the conference, here are some options:


1. For those who like running, go visit the Boston Esplanade.

This is a paved trail path that runs along the Charles River up to Cambridge from Back Bay. The closest access point to the Park Plaza Hotel is at the corner of Arlington and Beacon Street. The esplanade is always buzzing with activity and it is hands down the most scenic run in Boston.


2. For a gym workout, try the gym at the Park Plaza Hotel or Boston Sports Club.

The Park Plaza Hotel has a small gym on site, or try other gyms nearby using a day pass. The Boston Sports Club on Boylston Street offers day passes, and it offers a full range of weight and cardio equipment for a complete workout. Boston also has many Equinox locations. If you have an existing Equinox membership (they don’t offer day passes), there is one on Dartmouth Street.


3. If neither of those options are your style, try SoulCycle!

Only an 8-minute walk from the Park Plaza Hotel, this is a great workout suited for everyone. Whether it is your 1st time or 23rd time, SoulCycle offers great day and week passes at discounted rates. It is perfect to keep you moving through Conference weekend!


For more information, please feel free to reach out to me. I am happy to give suggestions or recommendations based on your fitness interests.


#PRSSANC Restaurant Recommendations

Written by: Amanda Howard


Boston University’s PRSSA Chapter is excited to host the upcoming #PRSSANC! Here is a helpful list of restaurants close to the Park Plaza Hotel for you to try out while in Boston!


1) MJ O’Connor’s Irish Pub ($$-$$$)
27 Columbus Ave
Boston, MA 02116

Connected to the hotel, this restaurant features classic pub dishes that are too good to miss. The clam chowder is especially delicious, and the atmosphere makes it fun for a night out with your chapter.


2) Crazy Dough’s Pizza ($)
8 Park Plaza (City Place)
Boston, MA 02116

Looking for a quick slice of pizza? Crazy Dough’s is especially tasty, and the price is unbeatable.


3) Fire and Ice ($$-$$$)
205 Berkeley St, Park Square Building,
Boston, MA 02116

This restaurant is so much fun because you pick out your food and bring it over to a grill where chefs cook it right in front of you! The best part: you can keep going back for more. They offer a variety of food such as pasta, steak, chicken, veggies, and more.


4) The Friendly Toast ($-$$)
35 Stanhope St
Boston, MA 02116

Don’t let the name fool you! They offer more than just breakfast with items such as omelettes, pancakes, sandwiches, burgers, and more, this place is fun and worth the trip!


5) Maggiano’s Little Italy ($$)
4 Columbus Ave
Boston, MA 02116

This family-style Italian restaurant is just one of the many Italian eateries around Boston, which you can find more of in the North End. It’s location is convenient to the hotel, only a 3-minute walk, and they offer large portions for good price.

#PRSSANC Fashion Tips

5 Clothing Items to Help You Survive Boston Weather When You Visit for #PRSSANC

The PRSSA 2017 National Conference is just around the corner, and the Boston University Chapter is so excited to be hosting. Looking ahead at the forecast, we realized that some visiting Chapters may not be prepared for our cooler climate, so if you’re looking for some packing advice for the National Conference, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some ideas of must-pack clothing items when visiting and exploring Boston:


  1. Layers Layers Layers

October in Boston can be chilly or it can be warm. The best way to be prepared is to layer up, so you’re able to add or remove layers as you go from outside to inside and room to room in the hotel. Some of my favorite layering items would include cardigans, scarfs and light jackets.


  1. Boots (Preferably Waterproof)

Fall boots such as heeled booties, dress boots or desert boots can be a great addition to your look for the Conference to keep you confident while networking at the Career Development Exhibition, but they will also keep you warm and prepared to go outside if the weather is drizzly.


  1. A Raincoat

The forecast for Oct. 6-10 is already predicting a light rain for at least one of the days, but Boston weather in autumn is unpredictable, so come prepared with rain gear no matter what the forecast predicts. I would definitely recommend a raincoat versus an umbrella because Boston can be fairly windy, and the wind tends to turn umbrellas inside out.


  1. A Large Tote or Backpack

You need someplace to store all your layers if you remove them, right? But seriously, as you’re exploring the city, especially in the fall, it’s best to bring a bag with you to carry water, if it gets hot, and a raincoat or extra layer, if the weather takes a cooler turn.


  1. Warm Socks or Stockings/Tights

You will want to look your best for all of the sessions planned for the National Conference, but you will also want to make sure you’re prepared to stay warm. Adding tights, stockings or fun, warm socks to your Conference look will keep you looking fresh and feeling toasty.

Dress to Impress: Fashion Tips for Young Professionals

When the snow melts away and the sun comes out for the first time in months, every college student knows it’s that time of year again: interview season. First impressions nowadays can often happen over email or the phone, but that does not mean you have an excuse not to impress an interviewer again when you meet in person. Your outfit says more than most people believe it does; especially as PR professionals, being mindful of the image you’re presenting to the public is key to success.

Most people think of professional, or business casual, wardrobes as a legion of black blazers and dress pants paired with classic Oxford button down shirts. However, business attire never has to be boring. You can let your personality shine through while still looking professional.

For ladies, it can be as simple as throwing on some jewelry. Statement necklaces and chunky rings can add a little fun and brightness to a simple outfit. If jewelry is not your thing maybe pick out some blouses or pencil skirts that are jewel toned. A pop of color often conveys confidence and personality. Maybe, you’re more like me and you live in black and white clothing. You can still make it fun, and stay appropriate, by exploring new shapes. The way a blazer or blouse is cut can completely change the look of the piece, while still retaining its professionalism.

Guys can accessorize too. A nice watch, belt, or tie can really take an outfit from expected to exciting. There is also no need to be afraid of color. Just like the ladies, a pop of color makes you stand out and exude confidence. Nothing quite says confidence like a guy rocking a bold colored blazer. When it comes to the cut and shape of your jackets and pants, knowing what fits makes all the difference. A lot of guys, in my experience, think they know what fits but after a little research online realize they have it totally wrong!  Wearing something that fits right and looks right will give you an unrivaled boost in confidence.

Now go out there and rock those interviews!

Take Initiative: Finding the Perfect Internship

Last semester, I wrote about taking the initiative to discover doors full of opportunities. I’ve applied that mantra to several aspects of my life since then and have discovered that mustering the courage to take that first step can lead to many directions. This semester I wanted to challenge myself by securing an internship, but I had no idea where to begin. I knew it would be difficult for a freshman to get an internship let alone an interview, but I took the initiative and not only have secured one, but two internships this semester.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

Follow your passion: I live and breathe fashion on a daily basis. I’m no Eva Chen, but I keep track of trends and constantly read style articles. While I might not know how to write the perfect pitch letter, I knew my knowledge and interest in fashion would my biggest assets.

Save those Contacts: I save all of my contact information from networking on an Excel sheet with the person’s name, email address and a quick note about them such as where we met or something we had talked about. I saved the contact information from a speaker that I had met last September and wrote him an email about my interest in interning, which proved to be a smart move on my part.

Speak Up: The wonderful part about having friends is that they are always there to help. Speak up to your friends, professors and peers, asking if they have any ideas or contacts they may be able to share. I spent two weeks asking every person I know if they had any ideas—not one of them turned me down.

Do Your Homework: Before I went for an interview, I made sure to research the company to get a general understanding of its background, goals and reputation. Interning should be taken as seriously as working a job; it’s a big commitment and a lot of work. Also, it is useful to take the time to practice answers to questions before interviewing and have friends give feedback.

Believe in Yourself: Easier said than done, but do not sell yourself short. You might not have a lot of professional skills under your belt, especially if you are a freshman like me, but the skills and lessons you may have learned from sports, summer jobs or campus clubs can be used to your advantage. Make sure to include those activities on your resume.