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Dress to Impress: Fashion Tips for Young Professionals

When the snow melts away and the sun comes out for the first time in months, every college student knows it’s that time of year again: interview season. First impressions nowadays can often happen over email or the phone, but that does not mean you have an excuse not to impress an interviewer again when you meet in person. Your outfit says more than most people believe it does; especially as PR professionals, being mindful of the image you’re presenting to the public is key to success.

Most people think of professional, or business casual, wardrobes as a legion of black blazers and dress pants paired with classic Oxford button down shirts. However, business attire never has to be boring. You can let your personality shine through while still looking professional.

For ladies, it can be as simple as throwing on some jewelry. Statement necklaces and chunky rings can add a little fun and brightness to a simple outfit. If jewelry is not your thing maybe pick out some blouses or pencil skirts that are jewel toned. A pop of color often conveys confidence and personality. Maybe, you’re more like me and you live in black and white clothing. You can still make it fun, and stay appropriate, by exploring new shapes. The way a blazer or blouse is cut can completely change the look of the piece, while still retaining its professionalism.

Guys can accessorize too. A nice watch, belt, or tie can really take an outfit from expected to exciting. There is also no need to be afraid of color. Just like the ladies, a pop of color makes you stand out and exude confidence. Nothing quite says confidence like a guy rocking a bold colored blazer. When it comes to the cut and shape of your jackets and pants, knowing what fits makes all the difference. A lot of guys, in my experience, think they know what fits but after a little research online realize they have it totally wrong!  Wearing something that fits right and looks right will give you an unrivaled boost in confidence.

Now go out there and rock those interviews!


Personal Branding: Why Being the Expert on Yourself Pays Off

11026385_826825580698982_629711727_nPracticing PR in the 21st century means being unable to escape the phrase “social media”. As a young professional it can be difficult to build a portfolio, land that first internship, or even just impress your peers. Although most millennials use social media purely  for entertainment, if used correctly, it can be an invaluable tool. Imagine yourself as a client; presenting yourself in a professional, but still personal, light is the essence of creating a personal brand. Personal branding is an effective way to build both credibility and an online presence.

Step one of building a personal brand is the easiest one: google yourself. In the future someone, likely a future employer, is bound to give your name a search. This process allows you clean up your online identity as it already exists and provides insight into which sites the search engine prioritizes.

The next step is creating profiles, accounts, and websites. If you do not have one yet, create a Twitter and make it public. Choose an icon thats professional and presentable i.e. no silly Snapchat selfies here. Set up a LinkedIn, fill out as many categories as you can, and network away. A LinkedIn can function as a great resume supplement that goes more in depth into your skills and past experiences. These two sites are staples of any young professional. To set yourself apart, start a blog. Blogs are a great way to showcase your writing, graphic designs, photography, etc.! Blogs can show, rather than tell, employers about your all of your skills in one place.

The hardest part of the process comes after all of the accounts are set up. Creating and maintaing a steady stream of content can be difficult. However, by creating a personal brand you are effectively creating an online portfolio that anyone can find. Who knows, someday employers might be the ones reaching out to you!