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5 steps to PR Advanced Success

In case you missed this week’s meeting here are a five steps for making the most of your experience at the PR Advanced Conference this Saturday, or some advice to carry with you:url

Step 1- Register for PR Advanced!

-Early Bird Registration ends today, February 15th!

 Step 2- Update your resume.

-Be sure to ask your previous supervisors to go over what your responsibilities were and quantify them. If you produced press releases at your last internship, make sure you say how many!

-Find ways to make your resume stand out like printing it on weighted paper, or perhaps in a different color.

 Step 3- Look the part.

-Business Formal, that means suits for men, and a couple other options for the women. Whether you choose, a skirt or pants, a blazer or cardigan, or a dress: be wary of hemlines but it doesn’t need to be boring.

 Step 4– Business Card Etiquette

-Your business cards should be creative and eye catching. Visit or to make your business cards, and don’t forget to include contact info, your school and major, and social media links.

-Be sure to take others’ business cards and take notes about the conversation you had with the person either on the back or through free apps like CardMunch, so you have something specific to refer to when you follow up.

Step 5- Be yourself.

-When networking with professionals, they want to know your personality so they can see if you are the right “fit” for their agency.

-Be a sponge and adapt. The key is to find the right balance between telling professionals what they want to hear, and being true to yourself.

Hope to see you Saturday! Oh, and one more thing, bring your charger!

This is a weekly blog series by Jillian Skuza. She is a sophomore studying Public Relations.


You are Your Own PR Person

Internships: as a PR major, this word is the backbone to gaining any sort of experience and knowledge of the field as an undergraduate. With finding that perfect summer internship comes countless hours of research and time spent writing cover letters and catering your résumé to different agencies.

A few months ago as I spent time anxiously researching PR companies across the northeast it dawned on me that writing a cover letter is just like writing a pitch for yourself. You are your own PR person.

This insightful piece of knowledge catapulted my drive and motivation to apply to a variety of PR firms in the Northeast- eventually landing me an internship at 360 Public Relations in Boston- a firm that focus’ mainly on consumer, gaming and PR in the healthy living spectrum. Thus far in my college career I believe that remembering that you are your own PR person is beneficial for every aspiring PR pro to know. You can get an internship anywhere you want as long as you put your mind to it. My internship at 360 Public Relations was one of the most valuable learning and challenging learning experiences I have experienced thus far in my college career. I truly felt as though I was doing the work of an Account Coordinator. From drafting pitches to mastering the art of Cision, the knowledge I gained this summer truly made me realize that Public Relations was the right career path for me.

Where did you intern this summer? How did you end up landing your dream internship? We would love to hear your stories!

An Entrepreneur in a PR World

In today’s academic realm there is little emphasis on non-mainstream PR practices in the classroom such as startups and the development of new companies. The main stream academic realm focus’ on how to succeed in traditional PR settings- ie  agency , corporate non- profit and government public relations. However there is a major flaw in the academic system that seems to be pertinent in today’s society more than ever. There is a major lack in the amount of education that students get about the booming field of startups and entrepreneurship.

The realm of startups has quickly taken the college world by storm. The fact that the traditional study of old PR has quickly become so outdated allows the allure of startups stronger.

Now how can students who look to pursue startups find success while being in college? It’s all about learning outside of the classroom. Learning about the latest and greatest companies, technology and gadgets will give you the one up when it comes to finding out what type of startup you want to work in. The fact of the matter is it is difficult to  teach about startups because there is no formulaic method of how many companies that began as startups work, and how they label positions of the employees that work at their companies.

Working for a startup is all about thinking outside of the box and coming up with ideas that are different from the rest. Therefore you need to come up with ideas and ways that you can be different than the majority of mainstream PR students looking to work at an agency of some sort. Events such as focus on the bright ideas that have come from the minds of today. Being an entrepreneur in the world of PR will make you stand out amongst the crowd because you are the one with the different, new and innovative ideas.

How PRAdvanced Unleash our Generation Advanced Me

Last Saturday, February 25th, 2012 BUPRSSA held its 6th annual regional PR conference- PRAdvanced Unleash our Generation. While there were a few slight glitches over the course of the day, the end result of the conference was nothing anyone could have ever asked for.

As a member of the planning committee for the conference, I do not think that the conference could have turned out any better. To all of those who attended, the common thought that the conference was a total success. PRAdvanced’s twitter stream blew up with more than 400 tweets with the hashtag #PRAdvanced.

I do not think I have ever witnessed such a positive environment, full of professionals and students so alike, and so willing to help each other and teach each other. Throughout the course of the conference, the networking and connections that were made were truly sincere and genuine. While everyone left the conference feeling differently- I know that I left the conference with a handful of business cards from some of the most passionate and kind people I have ever met

Here are just some other things I left the conference thinking…

1)   People want to talk to you– I think this was the number one thing I left the conference thinking. People want to talk to you, and people want to help you. So why not put yourself out there and let people get to know you and what you have to say about the PR industry? What do you have to loose.

2)   Your personality is just as important as your resume– Dean Elmore gave a great presentation in the beginning of the conference. He said that finding a job in today’s society is no longer about having a great resume, it is about your personality. Having a driven and a charismatic personality will make people like you and want to talk to you.

3)   Don’t gloat about the things you have done– No one wants to talk to a person that is incredibly into himself or herself. Hearing people gloat makes it seem like they have no self-confidence. Listen to what other people have to say, and talk about your accomplishments based upon the insightful words they say to you.

The lessons I learned at PRAdvanced were lessons that I know I would never have been able to learn inside of the classroom setting. I look forward to attending next years conference and reconnecting with the amazing people that I was able to meet at PRAdvanced Unleash our Generation

A List of This Years PRAdvanced Participants

This video highlights the logos of some of the companies attending BUPRSSA’s 6th Regional Conference PRAdvanced Unleash our Generation. Want to learn more about the conference? Check out their website

PRAdvanced Tips and Everything Else You Need to Know

This years 6th Annual PRSSA Conference- PRAdvanced Unleash our Generation is coming up in just a few days. As you begin to prepare for this years conference, filled with a day of great conversations and speakers, you must think about how you can impress the slew of professionals that will be attending the conference. The key to impressing people- is by your appearance.

At PRAdvanced impression is going to matter- and we want you to make the best impression upon people that you can. Therefore we have compiled a guide of the “Do’s and Don’ts of Conference Attire.”


Wear a button down and slacks

            Wear a Blazer

            Wear a tie and suit

            Wear a business casual dress

            Iron/ dry clean your clothing before the conference

            Do wear comfortable shoes because you will be on your feet all day


            Wear anything that you would wear to the gym

            Wear anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing in front of your family

            Wear wrinkled or stained clothing.

Wearing nice, clean-looking business wear will give professionals a first impression of you that will make them want to talk to you.

Also on the day of the conference, be sure to bring your resume. The Professionals at PRAdvanced are there to look at your resume and see all of the wonderful things you have done- why not win them over by handing out copies of your resume to them! Along with that if you have a business card we highly encourage you to bring them, it will show professionals that you are prepared and that you want them to remember you.

And last- don’t forget to bring a cell phone charger, because your cell phone will die from all of the tweeting you will be doing at the conference!

For more information about PRAdvanced which is to be held this Saturday 2/25 at 8 St Mary’s St Boston MA- check out