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Lock that Social Media Platform like Its Yours

In this generation of the PR world we live in, social media is taking over the communication industry and it is almost considered as one of the golden rules to do effective PR – alongside other elements of course. But the hardest part is knowing how to choose the right social media platform for professional purposes and how to utilize it well. With so many different apps and websites these days, as more and more options are available, it is important to really get to know which one works best for you and lock it down so it becomes useful.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, and LinkedIn are just to name a few that we all are familiar with. I know we all use these media platforms for our own enjoyment or for non-professional purposes to begin with, but what about taking it to the next level and really start wondering how social media can serve as a powerful tool for effective PR?

Here are some ways in which you can start in finding “your” social media platform.

1) Find what you most like about using that one social media platform that sets apart from the other ones.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one, but it’s a good step to delve deep into one at first, then start exploring the other ones after.

Ex: Say you really like Facebook because of the “like” function and that you are able to comment on what other people post. Think about how that can help you in the future to develop your PR (or any other communication) career.

2) Research, Research, Research.

You might think you know a lot about the platform already, but have you really explored through all the functions it has and what it has to offer? You never know how much you can get out of something before you research and investigate it thoroughly.

3) Make sure you’re up-to-date with trending issues and current events.

Hashtags are very commonly used throughout social media these days, and they only make sense if you know why they are trending.

4) Remember that what you choose to post on your social media defines you. 

You may not think it matter much now, but make sure you don’t have any inappropriate pictures or language online. Companies actually care!

Most importantly, however, have fun. Social media is nothing without the true enjoyment of it, and the ability it gives to communicate with people around the world faster and easier than ever before.


Next Time You’re Bored, Turn to Someone Beside You – Not to Your Phone

Communication is a crucial part of everyone’s life, but sometimes, we forget the essence of communication and even forget that we are constantly involved in that two-way process we are taught to engage in (for all the COM majors at least). With everyone so caught up with social media, real-life conversations get lost in the way. As the days get colder and the snow piles up, we all want to find someone to talk to and possibly feel a little warmer knowing that other people are there to dread the gruesome weather together. I know it might sound cliché, but appreciate every conversation you share with someone – you never know how it will affect the rest of your day and the day of the person you communicated with.

It was a very mundane Tuesday afternoon when one of the security guards at Warren Towers stroke up a conversation. I was sick, and just as I was walking to sign in, one of the guys on duty asked me what was wrong and offered me water with vinegar and salt to soothe my throat. One gesture of kindness allowed me to open up and share how terrible the weather has been and how it has brought tremendous physical and emotional stress to my daily life. For about 20 minutes, we shared a genuine conversation about life in general. It was amazing how 20 minutes could change your day, not to mention that the security guard was someone I have never met before.

We all joke about the motto, “Y.O.L.O” (You Only Live Once), but actually follow through with it–spark up a spontaneous and unexpected conversation and I promise you won’t regret it whether it is good or bad. You spent time communicating, which makes you feel alive. Maybe you’ll get lucky and you’ll share a conversation with someone who might make your day, or maybe it’ll just be mediocre. But what you’ll know is that you gave it a shot and remembered why we study communication in the first place – why it’s relevant in our society.