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Fitness Tips during #PRSSANC

Written by: Michael Schiavone


One of the many reasons I love living in Boston is because it is such an active city. As an avid fitness enthusiast, there are options for all different fitness levels and interests. For those of you like myself that want to continue your exercise routine throughout the conference, here are some options:


1. For those who like running, go visit the Boston Esplanade.

This is a paved trail path that runs along the Charles River up to Cambridge from Back Bay. The closest access point to the Park Plaza Hotel is at the corner of Arlington and Beacon Street. The esplanade is always buzzing with activity and it is hands down the most scenic run in Boston.


2. For a gym workout, try the gym at the Park Plaza Hotel or Boston Sports Club.

The Park Plaza Hotel has a small gym on site, or try other gyms nearby using a day pass. The Boston Sports Club on Boylston Street offers day passes, and it offers a full range of weight and cardio equipment for a complete workout. Boston also has many Equinox locations. If you have an existing Equinox membership (they don’t offer day passes), there is one on Dartmouth Street.


3. If neither of those options are your style, try SoulCycle!

Only an 8-minute walk from the Park Plaza Hotel, this is a great workout suited for everyone. Whether it is your 1st time or 23rd time, SoulCycle offers great day and week passes at discounted rates. It is perfect to keep you moving through Conference weekend!


For more information, please feel free to reach out to me. I am happy to give suggestions or recommendations based on your fitness interests.


#PRSSANC Restaurant Recommendations

Written by: Amanda Howard


Boston University’s PRSSA Chapter is excited to host the upcoming #PRSSANC! Here is a helpful list of restaurants close to the Park Plaza Hotel for you to try out while in Boston!


1) MJ O’Connor’s Irish Pub ($$-$$$)
27 Columbus Ave
Boston, MA 02116

Connected to the hotel, this restaurant features classic pub dishes that are too good to miss. The clam chowder is especially delicious, and the atmosphere makes it fun for a night out with your chapter.


2) Crazy Dough’s Pizza ($)
8 Park Plaza (City Place)
Boston, MA 02116

Looking for a quick slice of pizza? Crazy Dough’s is especially tasty, and the price is unbeatable.


3) Fire and Ice ($$-$$$)
205 Berkeley St, Park Square Building,
Boston, MA 02116

This restaurant is so much fun because you pick out your food and bring it over to a grill where chefs cook it right in front of you! The best part: you can keep going back for more. They offer a variety of food such as pasta, steak, chicken, veggies, and more.


4) The Friendly Toast ($-$$)
35 Stanhope St
Boston, MA 02116

Don’t let the name fool you! They offer more than just breakfast with items such as omelettes, pancakes, sandwiches, burgers, and more, this place is fun and worth the trip!


5) Maggiano’s Little Italy ($$)
4 Columbus Ave
Boston, MA 02116

This family-style Italian restaurant is just one of the many Italian eateries around Boston, which you can find more of in the North End. It’s location is convenient to the hotel, only a 3-minute walk, and they offer large portions for good price.

How to Make It in the Entertainment Industry

On November 7th, the students of Boston University had the opportunity to interact with two reputable entertainment professionals, Manuel Vera and Danny Rogers, about what it takes to make it into the glamorous industry of entertainment. Over 75 students eagerly listened as Manuel Vera and Danny Rogers shared tips and invaluable pieces of advice on the what to do as communication students hoping to shine in the industry.

The evening began with a talk by Manuel Vera, a brand manager, fashion guru, and publicist. Manuel Vera’s journey began as he dabbled in doing makeup for a few models and stumbled into success. After working with internationally acclaimed artists, such as Christina Aguilera, he knew that the entertainment industry was his calling. Since he loved storytelling and being on stage, he decided to channel this passion into publicity and started telling stories for his clients. Although Manuel Vera found enormous success as a publicist with a client list boasting Arturo Chacon, Sin Bandera, Jose Diaz Balart (MSNBC and Telemundo Anchor), and Jaime Camil from Jane the Virgin, he continues to show humility. He demands that every client is treated with utmost respect, and encourages students to strive for creativity, social skills, and adaptability. 

Another star-studded professional of the night was Danny Rogers, the Editor-in-Chief of PRWeek, and a leading media and marketing journalist. Danny Rogers has examined world-famous PR successes, such as David Beckham, Bono, and The Rolling Stones in his book Campaigns that Shook the World: the Evolution of Public Relations. In his opinion, the success of a celebrity stems from his or her creative work coupled with a PR professional that molds their narrative. For instance, Beckham’s success not only came from his athletic ability but also from the strong family values he held which were effectively communicated by his publicist. According to him, the two must-have qualities of a PR pro are: hard work with ambition and strong interpersonal skills. 

All in all, Manuel Vera and Danny Rogers inspired budding communications professionals to embrace as much information as they can, build on their people skills, be passionate about their client’s story and stay focused. 

By: Parini Shah


PR has always been my calling. It’s writing, interacting, problem solving and several other things I absolutely love doing. As a freshman in College of Communications, I am excited to take classes and join clubs and activities that give me more awareness and experience with this field.

I believe that BUPRSSA was the perfect kickstart to my dream career. It would give me abundant experience and knowledge in this field. Moreover, I would be exposed to several opportunities to network, form connections and pick up handy PR skills.

I’m glad I am immersed in this club right at the start of my college experience so that I can make use of the great resources BUPRSSA has to offer. I am so excited to be involved with brilliant professionals from the field of PR while being a part of something I enjoy

Parini Shah COM ‘20

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7 Steps to Becoming a PR Pro

  1. Personality matters.

The field of PR is all about communicating, maintaining favourable relations with the media and public, and managing crises. If you’re well spoken, enthusiastic, and quick on your toes, companies will see that you have the potential to do what it takes in highly stressful situations. Since PR involves a tremendous amount of interpersonal communication, the skill to communicate efficiently, appropriately, and confidently is a key asset that most companies want in their professionals. 

2. Build experience. 

While everyone knows that internships are one of the most crucial and effective things on a resume, it still can’t be emphasised enough. School is important, but no amount of it can give you the insight that hands on experience will. The world of PR is fast-paced and internships can help you understand the expectations that are required as a PR professional. So get as much experience as you can, it will definitely be worth it! 

3. Network all day everyday.

PR is all about building relationships, so it comes as no surprise that making connections is essential. Attend every networking event, put your best foot forward, and engage with as many seasoned professionals as you can. The more companies know you, the better off you are! Dany Vasquez, a successful BU alum working in the field, says, “Work hard, meet people, remember people, and most importantly: make sure they remember you. Invest your energies into connections and networks and it will pay off in the end.”

4. Write, write more, and then some more.

Strong writing skills will take you a long way in the PR industry. Be it an email to a media manager or a public statement on behalf of your firm, your writing will have an impact. PR firms are constantly on the look out for good writers that can tell stories and maintain their clients image at the same time, so make sure you practise your writing skills consistently!

5. Don’t get lazy.

In the fast-paced environment of a PR firm, slacking off is NOT an option. PR professionals are expected to be creative, quick-witted, efficient, and accountable. If you manage to make your clients happy by staying on top of your work, you’re definitely on the way to becoming the PR pro you’ve always wanted to be!

By: Parini Shah


My interest in public relations grew last semester when I took CM301 (Intro to PR) with Amy Shanler (10/10, would recommend). I’ve always been interested in the entertainment, fashion, and art industry, and her class really allowed me to see PR’s roles in those industries. In class, we’d talk about PRSA, and every once in awhile, she’d mention BU’s chapter.

As a junior coming into COM from CGS, I wanted to find a way to become involved in COM and learn more about the PR field. After hearing some things here and there about BU PRSSA around campus, I finally got to visit their booth at Splash and learn a little bit about what it is that BU PRSSA does. Coming into the first meeting, I really didn’t know what to expect, but when I heard about the speakers, networking opportunities, and overall education of the PR field provided through BU PRSSA, I knew I wanted to be a part of the organization.

I figured that now was the time to really get involved on campus, especially in something I’m interested in. I feel like BU PRSSA provides me with great resources for beginning my career in PR. I look forward to hearing speakers from the PR field, connecting with other PR students, and being involved in something I enjoy.

Eidalis Vaquedano, COM ‘18
“Why PRSSA?” is committed to asking current members what brought them to PRSSA… and what makes them stay. Get to know the People of BU PRSSA weekly at: