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Welcome back to Voices of PRSSA, this week we feature Coco Lau from Unleashed PR Media Relations Team.

Unleashed PR is a public relations agency run by the students of Boston University’s PRSSA, providing service for a variety of clients including student groups, businesses, and non-profits. Our goals are to provide clients with quality work at no cost and to offer a space for students to apply their knowledge.

Coco was born in Hong Kong but have lived in the city Shenzhen for most of my life. She is a freshman at COM with a huge interest in PR and has yet to declare her major.

What is your Unleashed PR story?

“I knew about PRSSA at the beginning of the first semester at COM club fair. I learned about Unleashed PR during PRSSA’s info session. I first applied to be a member of the media relations team out of curiosity and I thought that working in an agency will help me gain hands-on experience with real clients.

Being a team leader is different from being a member. Instead of sending pitches, I have to organize people’s ideas, including the clients’ and members’, and help deliver them.”

Coco is currently leading a project for Kids in Tech, a movement to excite, engage and educate young learners about technology today based out of Lowell, MA. She has also begun working with another client, our very own Professor Blake, to promote her podcast to different media opportunities at BU.

Tell us more!

“After working in the media relations team for a semester, I felt that my experience in Unleashed reassured my interest in the field of Public Relations.

As a result, I applied to be the team director of media relations team for this semester.

Now in BU, with more expose and experience in PR, I have a strong belief that it is a field that I would love to work in. Moreover, attending events such as guest speakers that PRSSA provided, learning about other people’s experience in this industry really inspire me. It makes me feel like I  have the desire to do what they’re doing in the near future.”

Why PR and Why communications?

“I took a summer course centering on marketing and PR back in tenth grade at Columbia University. I got to experience a different kind of jobs that are related to PR.

I participated in a photo shoot for a new clothing brand and created campaigns. I also designed a new look for a sneaker store with my group. My teacher worked for a PR agent mainly for fashion brands and others. He and other guest speakers that work in this field inspired me.

I also did an internship over the summer in a local clothing brand in China. I was able to observe and learn how to prepare for a conference/showcase and publicize it through different media. It was a fun and exciting experience that I enjoyed doing.”

Coco’s vast experiences prior to college also extended to help her cultivate the leadership skills necessary as a team director.

“I was the team leader/director for a school-based charity fashion in m Junior and Senior year. As a director, I also took part in publicizing for the show to our community.

My work included sending out emails, reaching out to other organizations (PSA, charity organizations, catering/bake sale provider) and promoting on social media(Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, wechat, email ), as well as creating posters and tickets.

This experiment was different from before because it was stressful at times. However, I enjoyed the process overall and was more motivated and encouraged knowing that I could handle all these tasks.”

What are some tips you’d give students going into Unleashed PR?

“I think the most important thing is just to do the tasks you’re assigned to.

Try to dedicate some time every week to complete your task. Working in Unleashed is a continuous project. Therefore, dedicate a set amount of time for unleashed each week will help to make it into a routine. I also suggest people go to the guest speakers events, which are informational and inspirational.”

Coco believes consistency and time management skills are key.

Outside of PRSSA, what are you passionate about?

“I realized that I have a high interest in current events and policies.

Recently I’ve been considering minoring in international relations. But it is something I need to look into more.”

Coco hopes to begin her career living and working in various countries across the world, before settling down with her family in China. Thank you, Coco, for your past and continuous good work!

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