Voices of PRSSA: Yuele Li

Welcome back to Voices of PRSSA, this month we’re talking to Yuele Li, a Junior who is double majoring in PR and Film and TV. She’s from Shanghai, China and is the Agency Director of Unleashed PR, BUPRSSA’s very own PR agency. Yuele is super talented in not only PR but also tennis, guitar, piano, languages, and is just about the most fun person you’ll meet! Let’s learn more about her and how she became the Director of Unleashed!

Why did you join BUPRSSA?

I joined in my sophomore year, and freshman year was really difficult for me, so in sophomore year I decided that since I’m a PR major I should know at least a little bit before I go into a real agency for an internship.

Do you have a favorite COM class or professor that you’d recommend taking?

Professor Hong. I’m currently in her research class CM 321, and she’s really fun although the research class itself if a bit boring she herself makes it really interesting.

Do you have any plan for graduation or future career plans?

In the future, I really want to be an event planner because it looks like so much fun! But if I can’t do that then I’d really like to work in a small agency, because I feel like no matter if you’re a leader or an intern you still all work together and the environment is very comfortable.

What do you think you did well to become BUPRSSA’s Unleashed Director?

I think that I’m a really fun person to work with, and I feel that it’s very important to make all of your members very happy. Then, they’re comfortable with the client that they’re working with, and the tasks that they’re doing. One’s mentality is very important to me personally, and I’m just trying to be fun! Work life and personal life doesn’t really have to be seperate, you can have fun with what you’re working on. In terms of tips for those that want to get more involved, I think you definitely have to take more responsibility when you can. Especially in Unleashed, because sometimes one team needs to help another team. For example, if the social media team has too much work then the digital design team should help them. I feel that taking more responsibility allows you to help out people and makes you a good fit for agency director.

What are you looking forward to the most this semester? (PR related or otherwise)

Definitely BUPRSSA’s regional conference, but I’m also looking forward to getting an internship over the summer in the states. I have internship experience back in Shanghai, but I’m interested in seeing how working here in the U.S. is different from working in China. Although we’re so globalized as a society, some cultural difference can help me do better work for all backgrounds in the future.

Thank you so much to Yuele for being such an amazing Agency Director, and for being our first Voice of PRSSA of the semester! Good luck as Agency Director, we know you’ll do amazing. See you soon for another Voice of PRSSA!

Edited by Jordan Beaumont

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