These donors have helped BUPRSSA to fund the conference and create scholarships to help our members attend. We cannot thank you enough, and promise that your contributions are greatly appreciated and will be used well.

Donors for Conference

Thank you to Professor Kotcher and Professor Sheffer for your donations for our 2019 Regional Conference. We appreciate your contributions immensely and hope that you will be proud of what we accomplish.

Donors for Scholarship

This year we are offering a new way for BUPRSSA members to be able to attend our regional conference, for free! The scholarship is funded by BU faculty that want to provide students with the opportunity to experience a PR Conference. Recipients of the scholarship will post pictures of themselves attending the conference, as well as write a thank you letter to the BU faculty that provided them with the opportunity to go.

Thank you to our scholarship donors who made the scholarship for our 2019 Regional Conference possible. Rest assured that your donations are being used to give new experiences to young aspiring PR Professionals, where they can make lifelong connections and learn more about our profession.

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