Voices of PRSSA: Alicia Lee

Welcome back to Voices of PRSSA, this week we talked to Alicia Lee, a sophomore in PR from California. Alicia is BUPRSSA’s Public Relations Coordinator, so it’ll be really interesting to see what she has to say!


Why’d you join BU PRSSA?

I came as a freshman, and I think one of my top goals when I came to college – because I wasn’t really involved in clubs in high school except for yearbook – was to be involved in something, like join some clubs that are related to my major. I went to the COM fair, and PRSSA was the only club that was really related to what I was interested in and open to freshman, so I just joined.


Why did you choose PR as your major?

I was in yearbook club, and I knew that I wanted to do communications and I was really interested in how the wording of things or the phrasing of things, those specific word choices can affect how things are portrayed. I didn’t know what PR was until I applied actually. I remember applying and I was looking through the majors and it was the closest to what I was looking for. I just liked how it’s not completely marketing that its idea centric and more on the human side of things.


Do you have a favorite COM Class or Professor you’d recommend taking?

I actually enjoyed COM 101, I remember I learned a lot about what communications was. I really liked the film and TV module taught by Professor Lindsey Decker, and we did a lot of analysis, and studied the effects of the films on society. I’m just really interested in the media and entertainment side of PR, so I thought it was very interesting and a good intro to communications.


Do you have any plans for internships/future career plans?

Right now I’m looking for summer internships, and obviously agencies have more openings but last summer I was in agency, and now I want to try in-house PR. It can wait, because I’ve got time until I graduate, but I think I’d like to go into in-house. Last summer I was in a tech PR agency so this summer I’d like to try a different field and try something new.


What do you like about PR the most?

I like that it covers so many different fields, and I really like to learn about new things. Even if it’s something I’d never like want to know about, I don’t see myself going in those fields, but in PR you have to teach yourself things that you didn’t think you’d ever learn, and I like that side because it’s so versatile.


What did you think of today’s speaker? (Monique Kelley Gigliotti)

She actually came in last year and was also at the regional conference, and everytime she comes in she’s great. I think she has a really big heart for students, she’s always trying to connect with students and knows what we’re looking for. I really like her enthusiasm too, it’s been a long day but when she’s talking I get really energized!


Who has been your favorite speaker so far this semester?

Ian Cohen. It’s not even a job that I’m interested in getting into but I think it’s just really interesting to learn about that side of communications – the producing side of it. I also thought that it was really interesting that Weber Shandwick, what most people consider a PR firm, also has that kind of position. It was just really different from everything else.


How do you like being the Public Relations Coordinator?

Last year I focused a lot on social media because that’s what I know how to do, but this year I’ve been trying to revamp the blog. I’m glad that we’ve had frequent posts on it this year, even what we’re doing now, Voices of PRSSA. I hope our chapter feels more engaged and they really feel that they are part of this group. I think the semester went well.


What are you looking forward to this semester, PR related or otherwise?

I’m interested in learning more about PR. I think I’ve learned so much from just the weekly meetings, and I want to learn even more in class about the specific fields.


Thank you so much Alicia for being our Voice of PRSSA for the week, it was great talking to you! Have a nice break everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving. We’re very thankful to all of you for participating each week, and can’t wait to see you and hear your stories again after break!


Edited by Jordan Beaumont


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