Voices of PRSSA: Lina Salameh

Welcome back to Voices of PRSSA, this week we talked to Lina Salameh, a senior in PR from Wellesley, Massachusetts. From being apart of a women’s fitness group on campus, to planning for life after graduation, let’s see what she has to say!


Why’d you join BU PRSSA?

I joined my sophomore year, when I transferred in from University of Connecticut, because I needed to know more about the field I signed up for – for the rest of my life. More so I just wanted to learn more about the options available, and I guess what was out there and what it really means to be in PR or media or marketing.


Why did you choose PR as your major?

This is a question I’ve gotten a lot recently, shockingly enough. I knew I didn’t want to be in business, but involved in some form of business. I knew that writing and talking to people and engaging with different groups of people was what I was really good at, and I always loved event planning and stuff like that. It has nothing to do with Sex in the City, but it was just something that I loved to do and thought that this could be an avenue to access that world.


Do you have a favorite COM Class or Professor you’d recommend taking?

Well, I took a lot of night classes, so a lot of professors I’ve had don’t teach here anymore. I’ve loved all of my COM classes honestly, I loved Shanler the most when I had her for the intro to PR class. But I’ve also heard that that Quigley and Downes are really good. Shanler is definitely a good professor though.


Do you have any plans for graduation?/future career plans?

I am probably going to move out of Boston, and I am hopefully going to find either a corporate events agency or a private events agency and do that. Or, do something in internal social media marketing. I don’t want to do a normal PR agency or a normal social media marketing agency. I’m mostly looking into opportunities in DC or Tampa.


What do you like about PR the most?

Somebody once told me that as a PR practitioner, you are not the king and you will never be the king, but you’re the king maker. You’re the one representing brand, building them up, and finding their purpose for them. And I really liked that aspect of it. You’re not the center of attention but you get to create the reason that another person is the center of attention. I think specifically my favorite physical thing about PR and not just the idea of it, is social media. I like social media a lot, I like being able to see the consumer and engage with the target audience rather than just putting out a press release or contacting journalists. Just interacting with the people rather than big entities.


What did you think of today’s speaker? (Sarah Ribeiro)

I think she was great! Sarah provided a very unique insight into what social media marketing is, which I think is a cool emerging field right now, and it’s interesting to it from the perspective of somebody who’s been in the field for 4 years. To see how excited she was to see the development of the company rather than just being hired into a massive organization, it was nice to see that.


What are you looking forward to this semester, PR related or otherwise?

I’m going to maintain graduation, I think it is terrifying, and exciting that for the first time in your life you get to choose your destiny in a sense, and get to choose your next path. Whereas in high school, for me at least, the experience was just: you’re going to college. You can choose where you’re going to college, but you’re putting your applications out there and hoping that they say yes to you after you say yes to them. Whereas in this case it’s somewhat the same, but you have further control about it. You can engage one on one with a recruit or talk with people specifically so you have more ability to impact where you’re going and where you’re heading. And if you want to pick up and move to a new city you can. So, it’s the exciting thing of just starting something new.


Thank you so much Lina for being our Voice of PRSSA for the week, it was great talking to you! We’ll see you again next week with another club member, have a great weekend everyone.


Edited by Jordan Beaumont


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