Voices of PRSSA: Scarlett Chu

Happy Halloween everyone and welcome back to Voices of PRSSA, this week we talked to Scarlett Chu, a graduate student studying PR. She’s from Nanjing, China, and spent the majority of her undergrad at Rutgers University before deciding to study at BU for her graduate degree. Let’s see what a graduate student has to say!


Why’d you join BU PRSSA?

Actually, to be honest this organization is really famous. At my undergrad we also had a PRSSA chapter, but at that time I didn’t think that I was ready to be apart of it. But, as a graduate student now I want to have more experience. Even now I’m a new member, but I hope that I’ll have more opportunities to network with professionals, and meet more PR students since we have the same interests.


Why did you choose PR as your major?

During my undergrad my university didn’t have PR as a major, so I was majoring in Communications with a specialization in PR. But the reason I chose PR is because it has more to do with talking with people, you need communication in the organization and also with the publics. It’s about branding, where you can help the company maintain and build their brand. I don’t have any experience with PR in the real world, but I’d like to use it as a way to meet more people, and build and maintain relationships. PR definitely won’t be boring; this job won’t be boring because you need to deal with different things everyday.


Do you have a favorite COM Class or Professor you’d recommend taking?

Although it’s only been two months right now, I have a financial management class at the graduate level with Professor Gary Shepherd. He was working in General Electric before, and while he doesn’t have a lot of teaching experience right now, he brings a lot of guest speakers to class that are very diverse. Since we need to learn about finances, and his class is really useful and helpful, and the guest speakers are very good and we learn a lot from them. He’s also just a very nice professor. I’m also taking 707 – a writing class –  with Professor Dorothy Clark, and she is just awesome. Even though it’s just a writing class she makes it very interesting, not like some boring writing classes. The class is small and every student really enjoys the three hours with her every week.


Do you have any job experiences as a graduate student or are you looking for any in particular?

I had two internship experiences in my hometown during my undergrad. One was in broadcasting where my responsibility was to write articles both in english and chinese, for our official WeChat account and some administrative duties. Another internship was in a chemical company – if you can imagine that – that was under a government relations department where I helped the director draft communications plans for the public opening date. I also assisted with some telephone interviews with the local media. They’re not too related to public relations, but I was looking for any opportunity I could get. I am hoping to get an internship during the summer, and maybe an internship or job after graduation.


What do you like about PR the most?

That there’s an opportunity for me to be apart of things that I like. For example, I like food, I’m a total foodie, and if I had a chance to work at Eataly or something, and I would get to deal with food and write about it everyday, that would be amazing. So I think for me if I’m doing PR in a field that I really like, then every part of the job will be my favorite. If I had a PR job in a technology field, then I wouldn’t love it as much, I don’t have the passion to do that.


What did you think of today’s speaker?

I think since she just graduated from BU, and she has the ability to do all of these things, and that she has the passion to do that. Also her ability to plan the events, or writing articles is really something I hope to learn. I think that I follow their social media accounts as well, and she really writes well. She’s just great and awesome.


What are you looking forward to this semester, PR related or otherwise?

I recently registered for the ProBono PR event, and that’s the next big thing for me this semester. I’m excited because it looks really challenging and interesting, because we have different students from maybe different majors as well, so I’m really anticipating it and what we can achieve in one night.


Are you planning on doing anything for Halloween/are you dressing up as anything?

Actually when I started University in America I was really excited about Halloween and I went to Salem. But it was really cold! I dressed up as a lion, but it was so cold in Salem – the winter comes to early! For this year, I don’t have plans so far, but if I dress up I’ll dress in a onesie that way I can stay warm. Maybe there’ll be a party or event that I’ll go to, but I definitely don’t want to stay at home!


Thank you so much to Scarlett for being our Voice of PRSSA for the week, it was very interesting to speak with a graduate student. Happy Halloween everyone, see you next week with another club member!


Edited by Jordan Beaumont

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