Voices of PRSSA: Saiansha Panangiballi

Welcome back to Voices of PRSSA! This week we talked to Saiansha Panangiballi, a senior in COM from New Delhi, India. Let’s see what a PR senior has to say!


Why’d you join BU PRSSA?

Mostly for the networking opportunities, and to get career insight from all of the guest speakers.


Why did you choose PR as your major?

I’ve always been very fond of the power that words have, how you can shape opinion with them. You can create a reputation, save a reputation, even destroy a reputation. I want to do that, I want to be that subtle force that shapes opinion and perception.


Do you have a favorite COM Class or Professor you’d recommend taking?

I really like Professor Tsay-Vogel. I’ve taken COM Theory with her, and I’m taking COM Research with her currently. She makes theory and research very approachable, not to mention that she’s so kind. She’s very helpful, understanding, and always there for her students.


Do you have any plans for graduation?/future career plans?

I’m actively trying to find a job or an internship opportunity, and if I get a job, well then I get a job. Otherwise, I’m planning for post-grad. I want to take up International Relations, or International Communications, because I want to focus on Global Communications. I think international relations will give me that perspective and understanding of global affairs whichI can incorporate into PR.


What do you like about PR the most?

That you get to understand and learn about different organizations, industries,  people, and problems anywhere and anytime. The basics remain the same, the rule of the game remain the same, but it’s a different platform each time. You communicate the same, you apply the same strategies, but you will have to apply it to new challenges each time.


What did you think of today’s speaker?

I was really impressed by how much there is to event planning. Over the past 4 years, I learned that event planning isn’t just about making cutesy invitations and sending them out to people. You have to learn that in COM. But, the way he (David Grilk) listed out all the audiences and all the contingencies plans: state police, federal police, local police, managing 8 different fields, creating extensive budget lists, and emergency plans. That just blew me away, I did not imagine that there would be that much detail at such a scale.


What are you looking forward to this semester, PR related or otherwise?

Getting any opportunity that I can to do or learn more about global communications to prepare me for the future.

Thank you so much to Saiansha for being our Voice of PRSSA for the week, and we wish you the best for graduation and your future. See you next week with another club member!


Edited by Jordan Beaumont

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