Voices of PRSSA: Rebecca Goldman

Welcome to Voices of PRSSA, where we highlight a member of the club every week! This week we talked to Rebecca Goldman from Newton, Massachusetts. She’s a sophomore majoring in Public Relations, and we’re excited to hear what she has to say.


Why’d you join BU PRSSA?

I’ve been part of different clubs and their PR teams, but I wanted to get a sense of what it was like in real life. Like with PR professionals and stuff, and get to know the actual PR side of things more. Instead of being in a group and being told “this is what we’re going to do for PR”. Here I can learn from other people.


Why did you choose PR as your major?

Well I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in college, my mom suggested I join communications and that I could do a lot with it. I find it really cool that PR has so many different types of PR that you can do, and it can be applied to a lot of different things. I like that there’s variety and that nothing is the same, everyone’s interests are different.


Do you have a favorite COM Class or Professor you’d recommend taking?

This year I’m taking writing for COM, I think 331, I have Professor Sender. He’s really nice and really funny, it’s like a three hour class on a Monday night that goes until 9, but he’s so funny that the class just flies by. I had Professor Downes last year – he’s so good too! He’s another one that makes the class interesting even when you think it’s not going to be. He was teaching Principles and Practices, and it was a boring class but it was a lot of fun with him because he’s got a lot of knowledge already and he’s also funny so it was a great class.


What do you like about PR the most?

The types of different clients you have. They can range from a big company to a small start up, and everybody can have a different interest, like sports or something else, and PR’s just very flexible and you can work with a bunch of people.


What did you think of this week’s speaker?

I thought he (Ian Cohen) was really cool! Wow! I feel like that’s what everybody thinks of when they think of PR: what he does. He seems like he has such a cool job! And when he was talking about travel he said that it is kind of a burden, but I’d love to go all to those places and check in with different teams. I think it’d be cool to travel as part of a job, he just has it all to me!


What are you looking forward to this semester, PR related or otherwise?

Well, I’m taking a lot of required classes right now, so I’m excited to get those done with. But I’m also excited to learn more about PR. I’m learning a lot of Cover Letter techniques and real life things, so I’m excited to see if it’ll help me get an internship.


Thank you so much to Rebecca for being our first Voice of PRSSA, we’ll see you next week with another club member!


Edited by Jordan Beaumont

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