Humans of PRSSA: Kristen Gabriel

This week we interviewed Kristen Gabriel, a sophomore in the College of Communications studying PR. Kristen is originally from Grafton, Massachusetts.

What made you join PRSSA?

I wanted to join because I knew there was a PR club, and I didn’t get to join last semester, but my friend Macy always talked about it and how cool all the speakers were, and different things they had shown her in meetings. In one of the meetings a speaker showed an ad they did and it even made her cry. So it just really made me want to join because I wanted to see actual perspectives in the PR world.

How did you choose PR as a path?

 I really want to work in the music industry but when I was choosing majors I didn’t really know exactly what I wanted to do in it. My sister was studying PR at BU so I got to see how cool it was and I ended up really liking it.

Who has been your favorite speaker from the weekly PRSSA meetings?

 The first one from this semester – Monique from Weber Shandwick. You could really tell how passionate she was about her job and it was so interesting to hear more about what she was doing.

What do you think is the misconception people have about PR?

A lot of people think we just lie about everything, that we’ll spin anything. But that’s definitely not true. There might be some people like that, but my PR professor this semester talks a lot about ethics – I want to be like Professor Downes, and not lie.

What’s your dream internship?

I really want to be an intern at Sony music. I really want to work for a record label and they have all the artists I like. I’d love to do publicity or marketing for them.

What has been your favorite class taken in COM?

My COM writing class from last semester. My professor was one of the best people I’ve ever met in my life. Her name is Susan Carlton, and she’s just the nicest person. I learned so much from that class.

Edited by Veronica Paskulin



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