Humans of PRSSA: Macy Sullivan

This week in the series Humans of PRSSA, we sat down with Macy Sullivan, a sophomore in COM studying PR, to talk about her experience in PRSSA.

What made you join PRSSA?

I joined because Rachel McLean, who is vice president, toured me when I visited BU and she was the reason why I wanted to come to BU. She had told me, “I’ve had 9 internships” and she was a junior. So I went to their COM splash event in September and even though I went to all the clubs there I really loved PRSSA.

Why did you choose PR as a major?

I really want to do entertainment PR and I feel like PR is where you get to work directly with the artists the most, but also work with the media – it’s a balance, whereas in other types of COM, like advertising, you don’t really get to work much with the people you’re representing.

What’s your dream job?

My dream job is to be a press representative for Broadway shows. You are pretty much the liaison between the actors in the shows and their appearances. So if they’re on Good Morning America, you’d be the person directing them. At the Macy’s day parade they go with them before their performances. I really geek out at that kind of stuff. And you also pitch stories to press so they cover the shows to get people to come.

What was your favorite part of volunteering for PR Advanced?

Probably getting to be paired with a speaker for one of the breakout sessions, and getting that one-on-one connection. My speaker was Sarah Brown, she works at YouTube handling ads and revenue. She also creates ads that aren’t as annoying to the viewer, dealing with the “Skip Ads” option.

What has been your favorite class taken in COM?

Probably my CO201 with Jay Atkinson. He just knew so much about every subject and I learned so much from that class, even doing stuff not related to PR.

Who has been your favorite speaker from the weekly PRSSA meetings?

We had someone from MullenLowe come and she played the ad she did. It was a Hallmark ad called “The World’s Toughest Job”, and everyone in the room was crying and it was so cool because you could see how PR actually touches and changes lives.

Edited by Veronica Paskulin

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