Humans of PRSSA: Katy Steele

In the first of our new series Humans of PRSSA, we sat down with Katy Steele, a graduate student in Boston University’s College of Communication studying PR. Katy is currently in her third semester and is originally from Illinois.

What made you join PRSSA?

I joined PRSSA because I ran into one of the officers in the hallway and she was like “Hey! Come join PRSSA! Come to meetings!” It has really benefitted me because before I started here I had no idea of how to approach networking or professionalism. I’ve always been very involved in the academic world but not so much as the professional career-driven person, so that was something that was really missing for me.

How did you choose PR as a path?

My undergraduate degree was in communication and I really loved the material but I had really no idea of how to go from there. So I spent some time working elsewhere and checking out what I wanted to do, and I was researching different directions to go with the communications degree and I came across public relations and it seemed like everything I wanted from a job.

Who has been your favorite speaker from the weekly PRSSA meetings?

Definitely Monique [from Weber Shandwick]. She was just so inspirational, so energetic, and provided such great information for us. She was just a really interesting and inspirational speaker.

What do you think is the misconception people have about PR?

The idea that we’re “spinning” information, that we’re twisting the truth to get what we want, which is exactly the opposite of what we should be doing as PR professionals.

What has been your favorite class taken in COM?

I really enjoyed the writing for media professionals class. I had a really excellent professor and I got a lot out of that class. We basically approached a lot of different styles of writing that PR professionals will have to do, like writing for websites, writing press releases, blogging, social media, and writing feature stories – like a whole network of that kind of thing.

What’s your dream job?

Cone Communication’s corporate social responsibility is one of the directions I’m really interested in. I’m also really interested in nonprofit organizations, so that’s another direction I’d be really interested in going.

Edited by Veronica Paskulin


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