PRSSA 2018 National Assembly


This past weekend, I traveled down to Miami to attend the PRSSA 2018 National Assembly as a delegate of our very own chapter. I was there to represent BUPRSSA to vote for PRSSA’s 2018-2019 National Committee.

I was excited to be going to my first national PRSSA event. However, I was also not sure if I was going to have a great time there – I was going later than everyone else due to flight arrangements and I thought everybody would have already made friends.

These worries soon proved to be useless. As my roommate from University of Nevada, Reno told me the night I arrived, everyone else had also come alone with no acquaintances, so everybody was friendly and willing to hang out.


How the assembly ran was like this: each candidate would give a 10-minute speech and then each of them would have to answer a question given by some delegates.

The keywords that repeatedly came to question throughout the assembly were “diversity” and “inclusion.” With the developing international chapter in Peru and the recent discussions of racial diversity, many delegates asked candidates what they will do to improve PRSSA’s role in these areas.

I was very inspired to see how students from all across the country were so passionate in making our own PR community more inclusive and relevant to everyone.

The candidates were being pressed to prove that they were qualified in not only their skillsets but also in their visions of this community.

This cycle of speech and Q&A ran from 8:30am to 6pm. It was an undoubtedly tiring and long process but it was also a very inspiring time to see all the different ideas the candidates brought to the table.

That day I grabbed lunch and dinner with other delegates from New York, Rhode Island, Nevada, and Ohio. It was interesting to hear how the other PRSSA chapters ran – one had two presidents and another had a rivalry with a local chapter. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel welcome, despite coming in late. I felt relieved and so glad that I came.

Even though it was one long, long day, it was also a very very very rewarding experience. I made friends from all over the country and I had the honor to represent my chapter to vote for our next group of young PR leaders.

Also congratulations to our new 2018-19 National Committee for PRSSA!


Photo taken from @PRSSANational Twitter.


by Alicia Lee

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