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5 Clothing Items to Help You Survive Boston Weather When You Visit for #PRSSANC

The PRSSA 2017 National Conference is just around the corner, and the Boston University Chapter is so excited to be hosting. Looking ahead at the forecast, we realized that some visiting Chapters may not be prepared for our cooler climate, so if you’re looking for some packing advice for the National Conference, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some ideas of must-pack clothing items when visiting and exploring Boston:


  1. Layers Layers Layers

October in Boston can be chilly or it can be warm. The best way to be prepared is to layer up, so you’re able to add or remove layers as you go from outside to inside and room to room in the hotel. Some of my favorite layering items would include cardigans, scarfs and light jackets.


  1. Boots (Preferably Waterproof)

Fall boots such as heeled booties, dress boots or desert boots can be a great addition to your look for the Conference to keep you confident while networking at the Career Development Exhibition, but they will also keep you warm and prepared to go outside if the weather is drizzly.


  1. A Raincoat

The forecast for Oct. 6-10 is already predicting a light rain for at least one of the days, but Boston weather in autumn is unpredictable, so come prepared with rain gear no matter what the forecast predicts. I would definitely recommend a raincoat versus an umbrella because Boston can be fairly windy, and the wind tends to turn umbrellas inside out.


  1. A Large Tote or Backpack

You need someplace to store all your layers if you remove them, right? But seriously, as you’re exploring the city, especially in the fall, it’s best to bring a bag with you to carry water, if it gets hot, and a raincoat or extra layer, if the weather takes a cooler turn.


  1. Warm Socks or Stockings/Tights

You will want to look your best for all of the sessions planned for the National Conference, but you will also want to make sure you’re prepared to stay warm. Adding tights, stockings or fun, warm socks to your Conference look will keep you looking fresh and feeling toasty.

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