How to Make It in the Entertainment Industry

On November 7th, the students of Boston University had the opportunity to interact with two reputable entertainment professionals, Manuel Vera and Danny Rogers, about what it takes to make it into the glamorous industry of entertainment. Over 75 students eagerly listened as Manuel Vera and Danny Rogers shared tips and invaluable pieces of advice on the what to do as communication students hoping to shine in the industry.

The evening began with a talk by Manuel Vera, a brand manager, fashion guru, and publicist. Manuel Vera’s journey began as he dabbled in doing makeup for a few models and stumbled into success. After working with internationally acclaimed artists, such as Christina Aguilera, he knew that the entertainment industry was his calling. Since he loved storytelling and being on stage, he decided to channel this passion into publicity and started telling stories for his clients. Although Manuel Vera found enormous success as a publicist with a client list boasting Arturo Chacon, Sin Bandera, Jose Diaz Balart (MSNBC and Telemundo Anchor), and Jaime Camil from Jane the Virgin, he continues to show humility. He demands that every client is treated with utmost respect, and encourages students to strive for creativity, social skills, and adaptability. 

Another star-studded professional of the night was Danny Rogers, the Editor-in-Chief of PRWeek, and a leading media and marketing journalist. Danny Rogers has examined world-famous PR successes, such as David Beckham, Bono, and The Rolling Stones in his book Campaigns that Shook the World: the Evolution of Public Relations. In his opinion, the success of a celebrity stems from his or her creative work coupled with a PR professional that molds their narrative. For instance, Beckham’s success not only came from his athletic ability but also from the strong family values he held which were effectively communicated by his publicist. According to him, the two must-have qualities of a PR pro are: hard work with ambition and strong interpersonal skills. 

All in all, Manuel Vera and Danny Rogers inspired budding communications professionals to embrace as much information as they can, build on their people skills, be passionate about their client’s story and stay focused. 

By: Parini Shah

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