7 Steps to Becoming a PR Pro

  1. Personality matters.

The field of PR is all about communicating, maintaining favourable relations with the media and public, and managing crises. If you’re well spoken, enthusiastic, and quick on your toes, companies will see that you have the potential to do what it takes in highly stressful situations. Since PR involves a tremendous amount of interpersonal communication, the skill to communicate efficiently, appropriately, and confidently is a key asset that most companies want in their professionals. 

2. Build experience. 

While everyone knows that internships are one of the most crucial and effective things on a resume, it still can’t be emphasised enough. School is important, but no amount of it can give you the insight that hands on experience will. The world of PR is fast-paced and internships can help you understand the expectations that are required as a PR professional. So get as much experience as you can, it will definitely be worth it! 

3. Network all day everyday.

PR is all about building relationships, so it comes as no surprise that making connections is essential. Attend every networking event, put your best foot forward, and engage with as many seasoned professionals as you can. The more companies know you, the better off you are! Dany Vasquez, a successful BU alum working in the field, says, “Work hard, meet people, remember people, and most importantly: make sure they remember you. Invest your energies into connections and networks and it will pay off in the end.”

4. Write, write more, and then some more.

Strong writing skills will take you a long way in the PR industry. Be it an email to a media manager or a public statement on behalf of your firm, your writing will have an impact. PR firms are constantly on the look out for good writers that can tell stories and maintain their clients image at the same time, so make sure you practise your writing skills consistently!

5. Don’t get lazy.

In the fast-paced environment of a PR firm, slacking off is NOT an option. PR professionals are expected to be creative, quick-witted, efficient, and accountable. If you manage to make your clients happy by staying on top of your work, you’re definitely on the way to becoming the PR pro you’ve always wanted to be!

By: Parini Shah

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