Every year, new members join Boston University’s Edward L. Bernays Chapter of PRSSA. What makes them join? It could be PRSSA’s countless opportunities, like learning directly from public relations professionals or making valuable industry connections. Or the appeal of scholarships and internships related to PR. Maybe it’s just the sense of community that its amazing members create. “Why PRSSA?” will be committed to asking current members not only what brought them to PRSSA, but what makes them stay. Get to know the People of BUPRSSA weekly at: https://buprssa.com/blog/.

“What is public relations? I kinda know what it is, but not really? How do I even start?” Those were all my questions last year as a freshman at BU. Before college, PR was something I found on the Forbes best job list. The only person I knew in the field at that time was Kelly Cutrone because she said it in every ‘America’s Next Top Model’ episode. I knew only vaguely of the major but somehow knew I wanted to do it.

However, I realized I needed to learn more about it. Flash forward to Splash, where I saw the BUPRSSA table and signed up immediately. Now I know it’s completely worth it – to be able to hear from successful PR people weekly. You have the opportunity to learn more about the field and network to make the connections before you graduate.

My reasons why you should join BUPRSSA:
1: If you have a vague idea of PR and want to learn all the aspects that goes in it.
2: If you want to know more about the different fields of PR: Non-profit, in-house, Agency, Crisis management, etc
3: Hear from BU Alums and different types of PR employees and employers
4: Attend and/or plan the annual PR conference to network, learn and build your own PR skills
5: Put your skills to the test and join the student-run agency, PRUnleashed.
6: Make friends in your field!

Bejeana Breneville COM’19


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