Stunt Marketing

This past week, the cast of Broadway hit musical Hamilton gave a special performance at the White House in front of the first family and a group of students. They performed two songs from the musical which was also live streamed on the White House’s website. Tickets to see Hamilton are sold out for months and the resale tickets are up to $1,000 online. While the musical isn’t in dire need of good press at the moment, the performance was a win for both parties involved.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, the writer and star of Hamilton first performed “The Hamilton Mixtape” for the President and First Lady during Obama’s first year in office. Now he is back performing sections from the full-fledged musical. After the performance in the White House, Miranda joined President Obama in the Rose Garden to perform a free-style rap based on signs the president held up containing words like “Congress,” “POTUS,” “Supreme Court,” and  “Obamacare.” At the end of the video President Obama said “Do you think this is going to go viral? This is going to go viral.” The President was right as the video received over 5 million views.

Stunt Marketing is a particular form of marketing or advertising through which a planned event is designed to attract the public’s attention to the event’s organizers or their cause. In his last year in office President Obama is still receiving bad press and is constantly in the headlines because of his policies and the current issue with the Supreme Court nomination. By collaborating with Miranda, the White House is trying to drown out the negative press the Obama Administration is receiving, and replacing it with good press.

Stunt Marketing can be an option for any company that is trying to gain quick media exposure. Jack Morton, a global brand experience agency, is best known for its promotional stunt marketing. One of their company phrases is, “Let’s Do Something Extraordinary.”

Jack Morton did it best in 2013 when LEGO asked them to reignite the excitement around LEGO Star Wars. The plan, titled “The Secret Reveal.”, was to build the largest LEGO model ever and reveal it in the heart of Times Square. The stunt generated 271 unique pieces of positive media coverage, a 90% increase in social media followers for the title, and a 50% uplift in social media mentions globally.[i]

Stunt Marketing is an effective tool brands can use to get their name out in the public. Especially in today’s age of social media, stunt marketing could be the perfect way to get a brand media exposure.


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