Top Trends Gracing the PR World in 2016

  1. No more traditional Press Releases

The traditional Press Release format is boring- simple as that. With the influx of changing technology and web content, journalists are searching for stories in different media. Try to produce effective social media content that catches the eye of news writers. Form relationships with industry leaders and experts, so they may circulate your company’s message. Try  to create messages that catch the eye of viewers, journalists and news outlets.


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the usage of search engines as a public relations tool. SEO is making sure that your company or client’s web content is a part of the primary search results, which prove to show the most relevant websites first. The key is ensuring the client’s website is shared, talked about, includes various platforms, and is creatively crafted to show unique and interesting content.


  1. Content amplification will become (even more) critical

Going along with SEO, the content you share should be creative and appealing to your targeted audience. To ensure the content is shared and discussed, you must amplify it to meet the standards of creative content on the Internet today. In this case, amplifying means to increase the quality of your content to meet the demands of the targeted audience and even exceed their expectations. It’s important to provide eye-catching material that will intrigue the viewers and draw them to explore more content. Furthermore, you must learn to share the same message on multiple platforms to reach every single person in your targeted audience.


  1. Mobile Content

With the upsurge of iPhones and smartphones in general, PR professionals owe it to their clients to invent mobile content in multiple formats to keep their companies up to date and relevant. Most of today’s phone users are searching material on their mobile devices, therefore, the users should be able to easily scroll through a web page or app for every digital device in existence.


  1. Online reputation management will be necessary

With such easy access to Internet, it’s important that PR professionals keep tabs on their client’s reputation on the big, wide web. Users have ultimate access to comment boards and sharing sites to openly share their opinions to their 1,000-2,000 followers, racking up a large influence among their viewers. Therefore, make sure to always do reputation management, even daily, to get an overview of how Internet users may perceive your client.


  1. Use of paid promotion and social ads will continue to rise

In the past few years, there’s been a small evolution in the way paid advertising works on social media. Influential sites have released options for every day companies to promote their messages and content in the feed of an individual’s main social media page, making it almost impossible to avoid the ads. Studies have shown a huge increase in the effectiveness of the paid promotions over the past few years. Therefore, it’s imperative that PR professionals learn the ropes of the paid advertising world.




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