Strategizing Your Social Purpose: The KIND Movement

Daniel Lubetzky, founder and CEO of KIND Snacks, was one of the keynotes for the PRSA International Conference. During PRSSA, we got special access to this PRSA session, allowing me to view a top-notch professional.

kindKIND founder and CEO, Daniel Lubetzky, at the PRSA General Session

Lubetzky asked the audience if they had ever tried a KIND bar. Hundreds of hands went up, including mine. I’d had a lot of KIND bars, from the free ones they gave out at Boston Calling, to the quick pick-me-up at CVS. However, he then asked us if we knew KIND’s social mission. My hand, as well as many others, dropped. He explained that this was part of their strategy. “’I know there are studies that say people purchase products for a company’s social agenda. I don’t buy it,’ Lubetzky said. KIND has only recently publicized its social mission with the public, and whenever explaining KIND’s business model, they purposefully put its social mission third.

What made Lubetzky think this way? Don’t we all love supporting a good cause when buying a product? Turns out, his past business experience taught him that this was not the case. He discussed his past company, PeaceWorks, which aimed to bridge the divide between Israelis and Palestinians through cooperative business partnerships. He used this in his marketing efforts, but the business struggled. He found that once PeaceWorks began emphasizing other attributes such as taste and healthy ingredients was a positive turning point for the business. Therefore, he restructured his business plan when he founded KIND- waiting ten years to publicize its social purpose.

So, what is KIND’s social mission and how can we support it? “KIND aims to make the world a little kinder by inspiring unexpected acts of kindness” Lubetzky told us. They began the KIND movement, Do the KIND Thing, to encourage others to show kindness towards causes and one another. He told us about the KIND cards. These are small cards that a person can give to another person when they see them showing an act of kindness. “It can be as simple as giving up your seat on the subway,” he said. When you receive a card, you can then pass it on to someone else, spreading the movement.

Lubetzky taught us how to strategize your social mission so it will actually impact the public effectively. If you want to be part of the KIND movement, check out . Also, if you want to share kindness on social, use KIND’s special hashtag #kindawesome.

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