What we can learn from Scandal

SCANDAL: The show we all love; the show that gives us heart attacks every Thursday; the show that makes us want to be Olivia Pope.

If we strip back the soap opera, “Shondaland” drama, Scandal is a show about a high-powered government and crisis PR professional. Olivia Pope is actually based on Judy Smith, who graduated from Boston University’s College of Communication in 1980.

Although highly dramatized and sometimes very graphic, Scandal can teach us some things about how to be prepared for any situation.

  1. Research
    1. At Olivia Pope and Associates, the team researches their clients and the situation diligently. They need to know every little detail so they know what could come up and potentially become a crisis
  2. Media Training
    1. They train their clients on speaking to the media: what they are supposed to say, how they are supposed to look, everything! Whether you are a media relations personnel or even a client media training is an important part of PR.
    1. Olivia Pope and her team know everybody who is in DC and other places. They know who they can rely on to help them get their story out. They know who to trust and not trust. They also blackmail some of their connections because they have some sort of dirt on them. (It is a TV drama)
  3. Stay in the Know
    1. If you’re a PR professional and you don’t have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the world, you’re already behind
  4. DON’T LIE
    1. Olivia Pope’s first rule when dealing with a client is “Tell the whole truth. Don’t lie” It is bad to lie to your crisis manager because they need to be prepared for anything that could come their way. Also, if you lie your lose your credibility.
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