Exercise Consistency on Social Media

Last week I received advice from Piqued PR founder, Patricia Maristch, in regard to maximizing the benefits of social media as a branding tool. She focused on how cohesiveness among your social media accounts is crucial in providing an accurate representation of your image. Her advice led me to really think about how I can transform my personal accounts to portray my brand to followers and possibly to future employers.


Think about the companies you follow on social media–every platform they use contains the exact same message points, the same consistent brand. There’s no reason why your personal accounts cannot do the same.

When a person follows your account or views your profile they should develop a good sense of who you are. They should become aware of your professional attributes and your personality. Keep a familiar tone throughout your posts. An important part of representing yourself online is to maintain this consistency. Consistency with messaging leads to success on company platforms and it will do so on personal platforms as well.

This consistency not only refers to your message, but also to your actual online presence. It is beneficial to publish posts on your accounts using a timed schedule to show you are an active user of the social media, and to show you understand the strategy and purpose behind each post. Whether through blog posts, Instagram photos or Twitter statuses—each account is an outlet to display your brand to your audiences. Social media can be a huge asset in the professional world when you use it to its full advantage.

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