How to Keep From Falling Behind With So Many Snow Days

Boston has seen record breaking snow fall this winter so far, and with seven feet of snow come snow days. Boston University has had five snow days as of today and if the storms continue, we may see even more. While it is easy to fall into a routine of never having a full week of classes, it is important to remember a few things so you don’t end up buried in work.

1. Check your email! – Although this might seem like a minor detail, not checking your email during a snow day, or in some cases snow days, can really put you behind. Even though classes are canceled, it is likely that professors will be emailing students with revised lesson plans. Missing one email from a professor about a change in the assignment can end up as a zero in the grade book.

2. Stay up-to-date on upcoming point-generating events – Classes may be canceled this week, but that doesn’t mean the professor will move your midterm in two weeks. It is critical to keep your long-term calendar in mind, so a midterm or a paper won’t catch you off guard just days before it is due.

3. Keep up with the readings – It is very easy to forget about class readings when you have only met once during the semester. However, it is very important that you don’t ignore the assigned readings so you don’t find yourself a day before the exam with none of the information read.

4. Get ahead – Netflix in bed can only be entertaining for so long. Use your new found free time to get ahead on studying, writing papers, or even applying for internships and jobs. Getting ahead on work will help avoid all the stress that comes with a week of midterms and paper deadlines.

5. Look forward to the future – As previously stated, this extra time spent indoors gives you the opportunity to polish your resume and apply for summer internships, or if you are a senior, jobs. This process may be stressful during the school year, so use your free time to apply when you don’t have to go to class as well!

6. Don’t stress! – One of the biggest mistakes one can make when dealing with frequent snow days is to stress out and check out. Your professors and the university will work together to make sure that the rest of the semester runs smoothly! Follow these few steps and you won’t find yourself trying to dig out of a big hole later on in the semester.

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