The Zen of PR

WomanMeditatingInCentralParkNYC-850x400In the fast-paced world of PR, we multitask by constantly tracking news, monitoring social media, planning each campaign detail, writing pitch materials, following up with journalists, attending events, blogging, tweeting, and so on…

As we start a fresh year and new semester, I’m looking for ways to approach PR through a calm and focused perspective. If we maintain a balanced outlook that enables us to focus on the bigger picture, we can see how all of our tasks contribute to the company’s overall mission.


Read on for a few ideas to find zen in your PR practice. Ohmmm

Be Flexible: PR practitioners need to persist through multiple changes and ambiguous situations. It is important to adapt with these changes, even if it means slightly deviating from an original plan.

Clarify Your Goal: In some situations, people may have very different perceptions of what justifies a successful campaign. Before you get too deep in the project, be sure that everyone is on the same page with expectations and goals. If you get distracted, be sure to pivot back to your main focus.

Take a Breath: At the times when you feel the most overwhelmed, you need to breathe the most. In the midst of chaos and approaching deadlines, it is still important to give yourself small breaks for mental clarity to be able to calmly produce your best work.


Pause to Reflect: At the end of each project or campaign, it is key to pause to reflect on the degree of success. Through measuring and evaluating, we can work toward improvements for the next campaign. Ask questions and come together with your teams to discuss what happened and what can be done better moving ahead.

Be Yourself: We each bring unique qualities to our teams and companies. We feel best when we are true to ourselves. In turn, our companies benefit from each individual putting his or her best foot forward.

How else do you find your inner zen? Please share below… NAMASTE!

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