My Experience as an International Student in PRLab

For international students who study PR, job hunting can be frustrating. We all know that PR is an experiential profession, but even those international students with an amazing resume can be rejected by potential employers because companies will not sponsor visa or don’t want to waste their quota for sponsorship. In order to create relationships with companies and better my chances for landing a job, I chose to take PRLab, and I have to say that this class has taught me everything I need to prepare for job hunting such as building my resume, and perfecting the elevator pitch and more.

One way we prepared for job hunting was to attend a job fair to learn more about potential clients and to tell them about ourselves. Even though job fairs can be awkward at first, I learned how to converse with different companies with confidence. I also realized that we are each responsible to figure out who we want to work with and to strive to make it happen.

Even though it is a class, professor does not assign your team. Yourself are the one who responsible to figure out who you want to work with and strive for it.

My client is in PRLab is RoLa Languages, a Boston-based language institute. The founder, Edward Lee Rocha, is a Harvard graduate who speaks multiple languages. Through working with Edward, I am not just gaining more hands-on experience, but also learning about company’s individual needs. This experience is different from my previous internship because RoLa is a startup that previously never focused on the importance of PR, so it is our responsibility to implement the entire PR plan for the company. Most importantly, the client trusts us and relies on us so our team feels much more responsibility to the work. So far, we have created a social media calendar, redesigned the company’s logo, brochure and flyers, and planned an annual party.

Throughout this semester, we have been working like real PR professionals. I think the biggest difference between working with big companies and small companies is that smaller organizations allow us more opportunities to show our capabilities. These skills will help me become a better professional and hopefully land the job of my dreams, wherever I may end up.

Written by Jiaying Gao


1 thought on “My Experience as an International Student in PRLab

  1. Jiaying, my name is Kaitlyn, and I am a member of the University of Oregon PRSSA chapter. I can relate to you in that speaking to potential employers or clients can be nerve-racking at first, but I believe learning to be confident sets yourself apart from others in so many ways. I also agree with you that working with small companies allows you the opportunity to truly show your PR skills and then later move up to working at even larger companies. I wish you the best in your continuation in PRLab as well as your future job hunt.


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