How to Land A Summer Internship


It is stressful for any student to land a summer internship, however, anybody in the public relations field realizes just how hard it is to compete against the thousands of other students who are going out for the same jobs in those big cities like Boston, New York, and Chicago. After completing an internship in New York this past summer, I now know how difficult it is to even get your foot in the door at any company. Here are three tips for landing a great summer internship in PR!

  1. Start Early! Because there is so much competition for a public relations internship, it is in anybody’s best interest to start the search early. Typically, many agencies or in house PR departments hire spring interns, so the best time to reach out for the summer would be around late December or early January. Reach out to any HR contacts during that time because they would have most likely chosen spring candidates. It never hurts to be too early!
  2. Network. After you start looking, use any contacts that you have and try to see if they can help you find a position for the summer. Definitely check in with career services and see what they have to offer as well. It would even be beneficial to ask your parents if they know anybody in the field, or even if they know somebody who knows somebody. Sometimes you would be surprised at the connections your parents or their friends have and how they can help you get an internship!
  3. Follow up. Once you network, it is key that you follow up with the people who you talked to. Always say thank you to somebody who gave you their time, and if there was a connection made, always make sure to send an email with a call to action. If given the email of a person that can help, make sure to note how you would love to speak with them about advice or potential internship opportunities. People love initiative, and this is the best way to show it.
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