BUPRSSA Member of the Week: Phoebe Bowe

phoebeboweThis member of the week is one of BUPRSSA’s most active upperclassmen members. Originally from Hamilton, New Jersey, Phoebe Bowe is a junior in COM studying Public Relations and minoring in Economics. A true multi-tasker, Phoebe is an active team member of COM’s PRLab, an amateur photographer, and Instagram addict who loves to explore the city of Boston with her camera in tow. This week, I got to talk to Phoebe more about her love of corporate communication, her work with the PRAdvanced conference, and the skills she gained from her various internships.

Why did you join PRSSA?

I joined PRSSA as a freshman because I wanted to get experience with PR before I was able to take higher-level PR-specific classes. I also wanted to meet and get to know other students who were studying and interested in PR to learn what their experiences have been and make connections and friendships.

What is your favorite memory of being in PRSSA?

PRAdvanced conference last year. I was on the planning committee the last two years, but last year I took on a more active role. I love going through the process with the committee starting months before and then seeing everything we’ve worked for actually happen. The weeks leading up to the conference are exciting and nerve-wracking and the day itself is exhausting but also exhilarating, and completely worth it. The day starts early and ends late. We have to get there to set up very early in the morning, coordinate checking, make sure speakers arrive and get settled. We’re running around all day, but it’s a blast. I love meeting the students from other schools and PRSSA chapters and hearing from the awesome speakers.

What have you learned from PRSSA?

I’ve learned about areas of the communication industry I didn’t know existed coming into college or starting out as a PR major. We’ve had professionals from many different areas speak at meetings – media buying, event planning, content marketing, and CSR, as well as professionals with more traditional PR careers at agencies or in-house. PRSSA has really opened my eyes to all the options that PR majors can pursue. It’s exciting to think about all the options we have and the different paths we can take.

Where do you see yourself after graduation?

I see myself working in a PR agency after graduation. I like the fast-paced environment of an agency and the fact that there is always something new to work on; you aren’t doing the same exact thing every day.

What kind of PR are you most interested in and why?

I’m really interested in CSR. I want the work I do in the communication industry to benefit the organization and society. I want to help make a difference.

How would you describe BU’s PRSSA?

BU’s PRSSA is fun, informative, useful, and practical. BUPRSSA is definitely one of the favorite things I’ve gotten involved with on campus. It’s a great organization to join to meet new people, make friends who share an interest in PR, meet local communication professionals, network, and form connections. BUPRSSA offers amazing opportunities for really great hands-on practical experience but it’s not just about resume building. It’s also great for meeting new people and making friends.

What internships have you had during your college career?

I’ve been in PRLab, BU’s student-run PR agency for two semesters. It’s not technically an internship and we’re not called interns, but it has been some of the most exciting hands-on experience I’ve gotten so far. Last semester I was an account executive and this semester I am an account supervisor.

Also, last summer I interned with the marketing department at Grounds For Sculpture, a non-profit sculpture park in New Jersey.

What did you learn from your internships you didn’t expect to gain?

From PRLab I learned about working in a team from both the perspective of an account executive and an account supervisor. I think the experience has given me a better understanding of group dynamics and what it takes to work with a group effectively – how to motivate others, stay focused, and communicate effectively.

What is you favorite PR course at BU?

Corporate Communication – I’m in the class right now and I’ve really enjoyed learning about the different areas of corporate communication like CSR, investor relations, public affairs, internal engagement, etc. I like that we stay up-to-date on business news and analyze what’s going on with companies to apply the things we learn about corporate communications to how businesses are actually behaving in the real world.


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