BUPRSSA Member of the Week: Amy Alexander

amyThis week’s BUPRSSA Member of the Week, Amy Alexander, is a sophomore studying Public Relations and History in COM. Amy’s been a loyal member of BUPRSSA in addition to being a Her Campus Correspondent and a sister of Gamma Phi Beta at Boston University. Until Amy chases her dream of working at a lifestyle and beauty based PR firm in sunny LA, BUPRSSA is lucky to have such a committed member who joined since the beginning of her freshman year. Read on to learn more Amy and her PR experiences!

What made you want to join PRSSA last year?
I wanted to learn about PR but could only take general COM classes at the time. I also thought it would be a great way to network with professionals in the field and learn more about the industry.

What kind of PR are you most interested in and why?
I like the idea of agency life because you get to work with so many clients. I like the idea of doing something different every day.

How many internships have you had?
Last summer I interned with two different wedding planners, and I’m now interning with Her Campus.

What did you learn from your experience interning at the wedding planning company, Elegantly Chic Events, this summer?
There’s always lots of emotions at weddings, so I learned a lot about working with people under high pressure in addition to large event planning.

What has been the biggest challenge as a PR student at BU?
It’s definitely a competitive atmosphere when looking for PR opportunities, but I think that makes us work harder. It’s a great challenge!

How would you describe BUPRSSA?
I think we’re an awesome network of enthusiastic future PR professionals. Everyone has different interests, but we are all looking to gain any knowledge we can about the PR world!

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