A Group Destined by Serendipity

FormatFactorySons-6Just two weeks ago, a group of musical artists from the Boston University community achieved one of the greatest accomplishments possible – they placed fourth on America’s Got Talent.

The powerhouse quartet, Sons of Serendip, met here at Boston University while pursuing their graduate studies. The band consists of a lead vocalist, Micah Christian, a teacher from Randolph, Massachusetts; a guitarist and pianist, Cordaro Rodriquez, an attorney from Charlotte, North Carolina; a cellist and vocalist, Kendall Ramseur, a music teacher from Charlotte, North Carolina; and a harpist, Mason Morton, a music teacher from Atlanta, Georgia. The four men claim that serendipity brought them together. In an early statement, Rodriguez addresses the future the group: “Of course, nothing lasts forever.  We know that our group can’t or won’t exist forever–it’s ephemeral.  But that’s what makes it beautiful–we must cherish this experience before it fades away.  Likewise, serendipitous moments are only serendipitous at their beginning. After that, they get lost in the noise of all other moments.  So we want to make this experience worthwhile, win or lose.”

It’s evident that BU played a significant role on America’s Got Talent this year. When Sons of Serendip auditioned on AGT, Howard Stern bonded with the quartet after they revealed they formed their group at Boston University. Stern is a Boston University alum in the College of Communication.

The particular music style of Sons of Serendip is considered a mix of R&B, classical, and hip-hop. Their performances include covers of “Hallelujah,” “Don’t You Worry Child,” “Wicked Game,” “Somewhere Only We Know,” “Ordinary World,” and their last performance on the show, “Bring Me To Life.”

Although Sons of Serendip did not win the show, they were more than thrilled to have reached the finale. Micah Christian spoke for the group, “I still feel like this was a win. Top four, when we came together we didn’t expect any of this. For us to get this far is nothing but a blessing. We are so thankful for our supporters that we’ve had, our friends, our families and thankful to God.”

The journey of Sons of Serendip is just beginning. After all, they already have one fan ready to give them her business. Heidi Klum told the group, “I would buy your album now.”

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