The Profit of Non-Profit Branding

RedcrossWe’ve all heard about how important it is for companies to have a solid “brand”, but why is this especially important for nonprofits? Well, as I mentioned in my last post, nonprofits have missions and goals that are often difficult to measure. When you buy a pair of Nike shoes, you have a physical item that you’re getting for your money. It’s much harder to track the results of your donations to nonprofit companies. Having a great brand can inform the donors about the company and help form trust.

I think a great example of a nonprofit company with a great brand is the American Red Cross. When I think of the company, the first thing that comes to mind is health. The Red Cross helps those in need in so many ways that it can be hard to track everything, but they have a trusted brand. People who donate money know that their donation is going to be used in a productive way, whether its used for buying supplies to help with disaster relief or going towards safety training and certification. The American Red Cross association has built up a great deal of trust with the public so that all you need to do is see the Red Cross logo and you know exactly what the company does and how your donation will be used.
Building up strong trust with the public is the best way for a brand to get the support it needs to achieve it’s goals and continue running. You know a company has great branding when you can simply look at the logo or the name and know:
1. The company itself. Recognition is important.
2. What the company’s ultimate mission is.
3. The impact your donation will make on the company.
Of course branding is important for all companies, but it is especially important to nonprofits because nonprofits rely so heavily on the support of the public.
There’s extra profit in non-profit branding.
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