Community Service: Our Initiatives

PRSSA provides students with the opportunity to learn, network, and establish member’s portfolios on and offline. This aside, PRSSA aims to develop a special bond between chapter members by supporting a special cause. Taking action is key in relationships, professionalism, and making a difference, which is why Boston University PRSSA’s goal for the 2014 calendar year is to give back to the Greater Boston Area and develop relationships within our own chapter.

By participating in service projects within the Greater Boston Area, Boston University PRSSA hopes to participate in projects that will give back to those in need. By doing so we hope to develop a stronger bond between our chapter members as we give back to the community that has done so much for us.

Our initiatives include both donations and volunteer work. The first donation project is the “Baby Bottle Bank” in association with the Crittenton Women’s Union (CWU) in Brighton. The CWU is an organization that helps low-income women and their families by providing housing and programs offering basic skills training, education, and career guidance. At the weekly meetings, we will have 2 or 3 baby bottles in which members can drop in any loose change or dollars they want to donate. The bottles are a way to give members a fun incentive to donate to mothers and their children. Our goal is to fill these bottles by the end of the semester and give a nice donation to CWU.

The second initiative for the semester is to help a cause that hit so close to home, the Boston Marathon. We will have an art-making event in place of a Thursday meeting, where we will do artwork for an organization called the Boston Arts Marathon: Still Running. This organization, started by a BU student, allows the people of Boston to make art in support of their city that will be displayed in exhibitions and then donated to a local hospital. This is a great way for our chapter to show support to our local community of Boston.  Taking these steps to serve will improve our relationships with one another and the community.


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