What is Non-Profit PR and Why is it Important?

ImageAs a first year PR student I, like many others, had a pretty tough time figuring out all the different types of PR jobs there are out there. Based on the fact that my goal is to do PR for an opera company, I’ve become interested in what it means to do PR for a nonprofit organization. The first step is to understand what a nonprofit organization really is. Basically, it’s a company that puts any extra revenues towards a specific goal or purpose. This doesn’t mean that their staff isn’t paid, but any money that is more than the amount needed to be self-sufficient goes toward a specific goal. Often nonprofit organizations have a really great mission, like health or education, and need a good PR team to get the public involved with their mission.

When getting a message out there, it’s important to make it very clear to the viewer why the organization deserves their attention. Since a lot of nonprofits operate on donations from the public, it’s important to keep the public included in everything that’s going on behind the scenes. This does a few things:

  1. It captures the public’s attention. If they see you all over social media, you’ve got their attention and are present in their thoughts. You’ll also be increasing the word of mouth about your organization when donators talk to friends and family who could become your next donators.
  2. It allows the public to see what the organization is actually doing with their money. No one wants to just give away their hard earned money to a organization of empty promises, so show them that they’re making a difference. They’ll really feel that they’re making a difference with the organization’s goal!

Without a great PR team showing the public how the organization is making a difference, it’s less likely that people will donate money to help the organization reach it’s goals. It’s true that when working for a nonprofit organization your income might be less than if you worked at a multimillion dollar agency, but joining the right nonprofit can allow you work with an organization that does work you really care about, and there’s a huge benefit in that.

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