Promotion of The Academy Awards: What Can We Learn?

ellen oscarsEvery year, different groups of people from across the nation look forward to the Academy Awards. Commonly referred to as The Oscars, this award show recognizes achievements in the film industry, as well as those who have contributed to nominated works.  Although the purpose of the segment is to award exceptional works in cinema, the program has recently drawn viewers who are more interested in which celebrities attend, their outfits and who the host will be. As a result, promotion of the award show has taken a route that appeals more to those who are drawn in by these elements, focusing on celebrity personalities rather than nominees.

This year, comedian Ellen DeGeneres will be hosting. Known for her humor and good nature, DeGeneres has become a household name in homes across America. She previously hosted the Oscars in 2007, and it would appear that public reception was positive due to her second offer. In order to successfully promote The Oscars, the show needs to appeal to the expectations of viewers on all levels. One way to do this would be to hire a host already valued by those who plan to tune in. Although it has become almost tradition for some to watch each year, if the host falls short of capturing viewers’ attention, the segment may receive poor reviews which could affect the tone of next year’s show. Therefore, by bringing back successful hosts from years past, the likelihood of high viewership increases.

In order to successfully promote the show—focusing on DeGeneres as the host—the network must craft advertisements that highlight what makes her funny. Her dancing, singing and overall sense of humor are the centerpieces of each promotional clip, not nominees. In one of her videos she notes the “side effects” of watching the Oscars, which include laughter and “critiquing women in beautiful gowns.” In others, she talks about how it’s her second time hosting while flexing her comical vocal and dance abilities. Again none of these personal traits directly relate to the film industry, but it attracts viewers.

So I have two questions for you all—will you be watching the Oscars this year, and why?


2 thoughts on “Promotion of The Academy Awards: What Can We Learn?

  1. Instead of distressing myself I could concentrate on which I really liked. The goal is perfect for you to be suitably compenstated for many your efforts.


  2. We’ll be watching (obviously). Nice post, and the Oscars matter for no reason other than because people talk about them.

    To the film industry they have a significant economic benefit – giving smaller or niche films a platform that can generate tens of millions of extra dollars in box office revenue.

    To film fans and critics it’s another outlet for discussion and judgement on all the latest releases, and to the general American public it’s easy going Sunday evening television or, if you’re fashion conscious, an excuse to see hundreds of glamorous celebrities parading down a red catwalk.

    Geoff King and Emmanual Levy are great starting points if you’re interested in the politics and business behind the Academy Awards.


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