Download the PR Advanced: #FuelTheFuture App

This year’s PR Advanced Conference, PR Advanced #FuelTheFuture, is about embracing the digital future. The PR Advanced committee took that to heart when planning their conference. This year PR Advanced published it’s first ever iPhone and Android App for conference!


In November PR Advanced teamed up with Boston University’s Global App Initiatives (GAI). Global App Initiative is a student group that brings students of all backgrounds together to develop innovative mobile applications for nonprofit organizations. The PR Advanced GAI team consisted seven students varying from Public Relations majors to engineering majors. The team included: Sean Liu (Android Project Lead), Brianna Vieira (iOS Project Lead), Jessica Gelbwaks, Sean Kyne, Brett Moretzky, Raja Patel and Yiannia Karavas.


Together the team completed the iOS and Android application in three months thanks to the help and resources from Timothy Chong, Patrick Crawford and Habib Kahn. Without their assistance and the support provided by Global App Initiatives, the app would not be possible.


So why should you download the app? The app allows conference attendees to view the schedule, speakers and companies who will be attending the career fair. Download the app for iPhone or Android and get ready to fuel the future!



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