PRSSA 2013 National Conference: A Recap

A whirlwind of adventure began on October 29th as the seven E-Board members boarded a plane, after zero sleep, and headed to Philadelphia for the PRSSA National Conference. After 5 days of networking, presenting, listening, exploring and a ton of tweeting (#PRSSANC was a nationally trending hashtag!), we deepened our knowledge about our craft, our Chapter, and ourselves. See below!

Instead of going over every breakout session and keynote we attended (because that would take a book), we thought it would be a better idea to let everyone know what key points have stuck with us from conference and our ideas to continue improving this rockin’ Chapter.

Chapter Development

  • Enthusiasm is key for a successful Chapter.
  • We have a lot going for us: easy access to professionals, conference, agency and our website.
  • Improvements: we have begun working to diversify our events and activities.
  • It’s time to start giving back to our community through volunteering!

Professional Development

  • Maintain relationships with your peers in your classes and in PRSSA because they are the people you will be working with and helping you find jobs after college.
  • Follow your passions.
  • Collaborate with people to get different perspectives.
  • Write fantastically.

Personal Development

  • Stay humble.
  • Balance work and life.
  • Read, learn and be a sponge (absorb everything you can).
  • Adapt in the face of change, and have a battle plan for success!

Though there are several ways we can keep improving our Chapter, a big thing we realized at conference is that THIS CHAPTER IS AWESOME! And that’s thanks to all of our amazing members!

So let’s keep getting awesomer together 🙂

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