Understanding Behaviors and Social Media Essential to Product Launches

Joan Schneider, founder of Schneider Associates, recently spoke at Harvard about the impact that Launch PR can have on a product and its consumers. Launch PR specifically focuses on helping establish products, services, organizations, companies, technologies, and communities over a period of time.  Research is key to developing a strong product launch targeted towards the brands consumers, and an analysis of the campaign is essential to determine success and impact.

Schneider was also joined by Aaron Reid, Ph.D., Chief Behavioral Scientist at Sentient Decision Science, Inc., and Don Martelli, VP and Director of Digital Integration at Schneider Associates, who discussed what drives consumers to try, and to buy, products.

  • Reid analyzed the subconscious and emotional drivers of behavior, claiming that emotional connections, targeted campaigns, and prediction of behavioral actions are key factors in consumer buying habits.
  • Martelli addressed the impact that social media has on a product launch.  He claimed that with behavioral science, the issue was understanding what consumers do not express; but with social media, it is utilizing the information that consumers do share. Martelli points to urgency of a launch, engagement with the audience, and the presence of up-to-date media and information

The combination of behavioral analytics and social media allows for a winning campaign for new launches. The understanding of both aspects of new product launches can make or break a new product.


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