Top 5 Must Reads for Anyone in PR

As anyone in the PR field knows, it’s all about staying current with events, news, and industry updates. But how do you know just what to read without being completely overwhelmed? Besides the usual Twitter, Facebook, and world news sites, such as, New York Times, there are many other outlets to get strong information. Here are some of the not so obvious reads you should keep up-to-date with:

1. Peter Shankman’s Blog: Shankman

Shankman, a former BU graduate is an American entrepreneur, who also focuses on marketing. He is also the founder of HARO (Help a Reporter Out), which allows PR professionals to connect with journalists. His blog provides readers with tips on becoming great influencers as well as his overall view of the media industry.  

2. I Want Media

This is a great site to subscribe to, which will send you daily updates about the media and tech industries, in addition to changes within each industry. The daily newsletter provides a short summary of the article, highlighting the main points. This is a perfect option for a quick update! 

3. Jim Romenesko’s Blog

This blog focuses on writer, Romenesko’s views about media and other factors of the industry.He emphasizes important parts of the industry with short and to the point articles. He also provides daily reports of what he considers the top news for the day. 

4. The Holmes Report

The Holmes Report provides the reader with insight about not only the PR industry, but also global news and its effects on the PR world. The site also shares industry news, research, and interviews with senior personnel in the industry, which are  helpful for understanding the ins-and-outs of the business. 

5. PR Daily

This is a daily news site that is constantly updating itself to provide useful and interesting content to PR professionals and students. The site combines PR, marketing, social media, and world news to maintain a well-rounded understanding of the industry. PR Daily also incorporates pop culture, which provides readers with new views on topics.

As much as PR emphasizes becoming a “news junkie”, it can be overpowering at times. Focus on staying current with news and honing in on specific skills to become an expert in. Reading is a key to PR to broaden your overall understanding of the world and the industry.


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