Branding: UnleashedPR Edition

UnleashedPR“Brand” is a huge buzzword in the public relations industry, which essentially lays the foundation for the public’s perception of your company. With a rapidly changing environment, we must remember to update and enhance our brand to continue our relevance in a fast-paced, digitally-enhanced environment. What does it take to rebrand? It can be as simple as a logo change to a full brand makeover.

FleishmanHillard made a successful, total rebranding effort this past summer. The company now uses “The Power of True” as their new logo and slogan to better portray the vision and the firm’s “channel agnostic” role in the public relations world. By recognizing that the boundaries of the PR, advertising and marketing world are quickly blending, FleishamnHillard is broadening its services to position themselves as a leading brand.

In fact, this idea has worked its way into PRSSA. These past few months, members of our chapter have been working on rebranding our student-run agency, Unleashed PR.

To begin this rebranding effort, we had to reevaluate our firm’s mission. “Growth,” in our members and clients, successfully defined our motivation to create the most creative and well-executed PR plans. For this reason, Unleashed PR hosts biweekly workshops for account directors and executives.  Topics ranging from PR planning to social media etiquette, members have an opportunity to learn necessary agency skills.

Like FleishmanHillard, Unleashed recognizes the importance of content creation and social media in PR campaigns. For this reason, we have added two social media coordinators (Allie Kim and Sam Rushovich) and one digital media coordinator (Joseph Martelli) to the agency’s executive board. We have also recognized the importance of rebuilding our brand on Boston University’s campus by including BU clubs as agency clients, including SMG’s new Boston University Trading Club.

If you would like more information about Unleashed PR, please follow our new Twitter account! and like our Facebook page.

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