Networking: Value Your Peers

networking-655x280Most students attending the COM/Council of PR Firms’  “Take Flight with PR” event this Thursday probably have one major to-do item on their agendas: networking. And with so many influential PR leaders literally at our fingertips, this is a great opportunity to do just that!

Amidst the flurry of well-qualified résumés and thoughtfully designed business cards passing hands from hopeful students to potential employers, we must remember that some of the best networking can happen with our very own peers. As future communication professionals, we can offer just as much value to each other as the CEOs, Directors, and VPs of some of the industry’s leading PR firms. We might not be able to offer jobs, but you get the idea.

Our peers will be our future partners, bosses, and major support groups throughout the rest of our careers. We can offer each other the power of connection—say you know a guy who knows a guy, you interned at X firm last semester—these connections can make all the difference.

My freshman year I lived on a “specialty” all girls’ communication floor. I viewed my friends, the people I lived with, as my competition. Today, I realize that these budding communication professionals are some of my biggest assets.

If anything, bring an open mind to the conference this Thursday. We have such a wonderful opportunity as we come together with students from all different schools and academic paths. Take the time to chat with as many peers as you can. Like a true COM kid, connect on Twitter or LinkedIn. And remember, networking with your peers is just as valuable as networking with the top dogs.

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