Calling all leaders! We will be holding elections for the Fall 2013 Executive Board this month at a special meeting. All positions (Chapter images-1President, Programming Coordinator, Financial Coordinator, Agency Coordinator, Conference Coordinator, Public Relations Coordinator, and Member Services Coordinator) will all be open seats.

Both Chapter President and Conference Coordinator are full-year positions. Other seats may be filled on a semester basis, if necessary. For example, two members may concurrently run for a position if they will be abroad at different times. However, situations vary so be sure to ask just in case.

If you are considering running for a position, please be sure to review

all of the responsibilities for each position in our Chapter Constitution and Bylaws. In addition, you may prepare no longer than a five-minute presentation to convince Chapter Members why you are best for the position. Furthermore, you must email a copy of your presentation to Chapter President Mike DeFilippis (mgd1104@bu.edu) no later than Wednesday, April 10th at 5pm EST.

Please contact Mike if there are any other general questions about the elections process. Good luck to all of the candidates!

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