What kind of blogs do you read?

bbc-blogsWith graduation around the corner for some and summer fast approaching for others, we PR students are most likely in a state of interview madness. The job search is on, interviews are underway, and rumor has it the seemingly popular and recurring question is: What kind of blogs and online content do you read?

In preparation for this post I asked a lot of my peers this same question. It should’ve been a no-brainer that there’d be a wide range of answers. I got everything from industry specific blogs like the Ad Contrarian and entertainment blogs like Buzzfeed, to food blogs and music blogs and everything in between.

I quickly realized that it’d be hard to generalize what kind of blogs we should be reading. I read through many lists of anywhere from the Top 10-100 blogs for PR professionals, but even then, I think the key is you should be reading what interests you.

Vala Afshar, blogger, author and Chief Marketing Officer/Chief Customer Officer at Enterasys Networks once said, “stay interested.” If you stay interested in what you like, you in turn become more interesting. By staying interested in blogs and online content that means something to you, you can in turn bring something new to a job or internship.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, “what kind of blogs do you read?” Interviewers want to know about you—and the content that you read speaks volumes. It’s important to stay current and up to date in areas that interest you. Whether it’s entertainment or music or health or government PR, etc., stay current, stay interested, and rock those interviews.

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